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Midsummer Day: the First Magical Summer Night will Soon be Celebrated

Also known as the Magical Night or the Summer Solstice, Saint John Festivity has two magical ingredients: fire and water.

Saint John’s night is the first great summer festivity. It is celebrated in many places of the world as well as on the Andalusian coast and particularly, in coastal towns. This is the start point of a great array of celebrations that take place in the towns and villages of Andalucía throughout the summer.

Beaches are the best place to celebrate Saint John’s feast and camping is exceptionally permitted on some of them. Bonfires, food, drinks, friends and music make this Saint John’s night unforgettable. At midnight, thousands of people have a swim on the beach by the light of the bonfires, for it is believed that it is good for the skin and it brings good luck.

Fuerte Hoteles chain has six establishments and five of them are situated only few meters away from the beach so our guests will be able to live this special night at closed distance.

A night of traditions and beliefs

In Saint John’s night everything starts again: it is a night of changes. Fire and water are the two elements that help our lives renovate. Water is purifying and fire helps to burn everything that is old and useless to be able to move on and start a new stage.

Although the summer solstice on the Northern Hemisphere is on 21st June, the eve of the 24th June (Saint John’s day) is celebrated as the shortest of the year, when according to mythology strange things happen and the pagan deities become visible.

There are a lot of traditions that can or should be done during this special night. They say that if you jump three times over a fire, you will be purified and all your problems will vanish. Another common tradition is to make your feet wet on sea waters at night so the bad spirits disappear.

Washing your feet and your face three times so three wishes become true and happiness comes to your life in the twelve following months is also very common. Wishes can also be written on a paper sheet that it is burnt on those fires on the beach, although in some places they advise you to write those bad things causing your problems or all that you want to disappear.

Our hotels on the coast

Pools Hotel Fuerte Conil-Costa Luz

Pools Hotel Fuerte Conil-Costa Luz

Fuerte Hoteles has some luxury establishments distributed all over Andalusia. Our fabulous hotel Fuerte El Rompido is located in Huelva. In the province of Cadiz, we have two hotels: one in Conil de la Frontera (Fuerte Conil-Costa Luz Hotel) and another one in the heart of the Sierra de Grazalema mountains (Fuerte Grazalema Hotel). Moreover, on the coast of Malaga (Costa del Sol) you can choose among our hotels Fuerte Estepona and Fuerte Marbella.

Furthermore, the hotel chain has some impressive luxury apartments of 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms on the coast of Torrox (near Nerja): Fuerte Calaceite Apartments.

Will you come along to one of these destinations in Saint John’s Night?

Don’t hesitate, you now have the opportunity, take your swimming custom and come to the beach. You will find a festival that will fill you with energy and enthusiasm to face the summer and the rest of the year. Enjoy it!

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