An experience rather than a journey

Organic garden from hotel Fuerte El Rompido (Huelva)

The combination of tourism, culture and environment has created a new concept of responsible hotels seeking to offer the tourist a true vital experience rather than a journey.

These hotels draw those travellers who, in addition to looking for some days of rest or fun during their holidays, want to live an experience in contact with the place they visit, to know its idiosyncrasy, culture, folklore, natural environment and its people.

But what responsible tourism is?

By responsible business we mean a corporate attitude of concern with the natural and cultural environment and with (customers’ satisfaction, responsible economy and management).

We mean, therefore, a sustainable tourism, focused on a resource management in a way that make possible that all the economic and social needs are covered, and furthermore that cultural identity, vital ecological processes and biodiversity are respected.

Responsible hotels

Responsible hotels go for strong implementation of resource saving measures, use of renewable energy, promoting the local and carrying out social and cultural projects that encourage personal development as well as social integration and environment concern.

Values for committed travellers

Although there are many aspects related to responsible tourism, today we will focus on the traveller’s experience. The tourist 2.0, who is hyper-connected online and to the social networks, shares their experiences and advice on the web and is concerned with the environment, looks for something more than just rest and relaxation.

This kind of traveller want to know their destination, the best beaches, the best hiking routes, the best restaurants where to eat, and mainly to get imbued with local culture. This is why there are hotels that keep on opting to transmit responsible values to the customers, showing them the culture and customs of their destination for them to understand better their characteristics and even experiencing them first hand.

Experiences programme

Wine tastings

Wine tastings

Fuerte Hoteles is a clear example of a responsible hotel and it is committed to offer many proposals for the traveller to be who choose how to spend their time on holidays.

All the proposals are included in the Experiences programme, which through a set of activities of direct participation provides the opportunity of knowing different features of the culture in the areas around our hotels in Marbella, Estepona, Grazalema, Conil or El Rompido, as well as the characteristics of its responsible measures.

Also, you can found culinary workshops to learn how to prepare and taste typical dishes like Gazpacho, botanical routes, Spanish classes especially aimed at international tourists, or responsible routes to make the environmental measures of the hotels known, many of them aimed at families with children, among many other options to get the most out of your holidays.

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