We’ve Gathered The 10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss The Torcal de Antequera – The Most “Original” Natural Setting In Málaga


If there is a truly “original” Andalucian natural setting, it has to be the El Torcal de Antequera. Oddly-shaped structures draw the attention of visitors to this corner of Southern Spain, offering collection of activities and charm that make it an especially appealing destination for a getaway. Highlighting the many ways this is not to […]

Dried Chestnuts: The Finest Autumn Treat In The Genal Valley


Located in Malaga’s Serrania de Ronda, the Genel Valley has already begun to show its Autumn colours. Each year, October is an important month for this beautiful location because that is the time when it welcomes its most precious fruit – the Pilonga Chestnut. The first and most daring have already begun to fall to […]

Fifteen Reasons Why Practising Sports Can Make You Happier


In previous posts, we’ve talked about the physical benefits of exercise in the lives of those who practice it, but what about the psychological impact? Below, we’ve gathered the 15 reasons why sports can lead to a happier life: It can chemically make you happier. When practising sports, one’s body will release endorphins that give […]

The Bandolera recreation “Blood and Love in the Sierra” returns to Grazalema

Historic recreation in Grazalema

With the passionate title, “Blood and Love in the Sierra “, this has become one of the most anticipated and special events in Andalucía. During the 3rd, 4th and 5th of October, the town of Grazalema, Cadiz is transformed to the way it looked in the 19th century, attracting more than 15,000 visitors each year. […]

Where To Find The Best Polo Fields In Spain?


The horseback sport of polo has been increasingly rooted in Spain, where it arrived in 1972 when King Alfonso XIII established the Jerez Polo Club in the Cadiz town of Jerez de la Frontera. For a true spectacle of this sport in all its splendour, reserve some time this 18th and 19th of October for […]

The 7 Benefits Of Using A Bicycle For Transportation

Spanish Greenway

Discovering a new destination on the back of a bicycle or combining walking and cycling to get through your day can be a perfect way to enjoy the holidays with family, friends or your partner. This increasingly widespread sporting trend has become a real alternative to conventional tourism choices, offering a healthy, sustainable a fun […]

Eight Sports To Enjoy In Marbella


The Costa del Sol’s Marbella offers plenty of ways to enjoy your days off, but should all your time be spent relaxing in the sun or taking a nap? The holidays provide the perfect opportunity to relax and insert a little activity into your schedule to help strengthen your physical and mental health. Below, we’ve gathered […]

Three Shops You Shouldn’t Miss in Marbella: Original Gifts


When travelling, it’s never easy to know what to buy for friends at home, whether because of a lack of selection or you’re just a little tired of typical souvenirs. To help remedy that situation, we propose three original and stylish shopping options to enjoy in the historic centre of Marbella where you’re sure to […]

The 5 Most Importants Outdoor Sports Challenges In The Sierra de Grazalema


Whether you are someone who doesn’t like to practice sport while locked away in a gym or you just want to supplement your indoor training with some outdoor exercise, the Sierra de Grazalema is your place. This natural corner of Spain offers a multitude of organized events throughout the year, offering the chance practice your […]

To walk or run?


We all know that physical exercise is great for a number of reasons but within the world of exercise, there is a difference of opinion about which is more beneficial, walking or running? Which is the better exercise and which provides the most benefit? Here at the Fuerte Blog, we’ve set out to find out. […]

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