Three Shops You Shouldn’t Miss in Marbella: Original Gifts


When travelling, it’s never easy to know what to buy for friends at home, whether because of a lack of selection or you’re just a little tired of typical souvenirs. To help remedy that situation, we propose three original and stylish shopping options to enjoy in the historic centre of Marbella where you’re sure to […]

The 5 Most Importants Outdoor Sports Challenges In The Sierra de Grazalema


Whether you are someone who doesn’t like to practice sport while locked away in a gym or you just want to supplement your indoor training with some outdoor exercise, the Sierra de Grazalema is your place. This natural corner of Spain offers a multitude of organized events throughout the year, offering the chance practice your […]

To walk or run?


We all know that physical exercise is great for a number of reasons but within the world of exercise, there is a difference of opinion about which is more beneficial, walking or running? Which is the better exercise and which provides the most benefit? Here at the Fuerte Blog, we’ve set out to find out. […]

Experience The Most Talked About Event On The Mountain: The Rutting Deer of Grazalema

The Rut In Grazalema

As the returning rains herald the end of summer and imminent arrival of Autumn, the fields of the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park begin to sprout green once again and with that comes one of nature’s great spectacles – the rut. This ritual surrounds the mating of local deer, which takes form in shocking bellows […]

The “Healthy Triangle”: A Recommended Route By The Marbella Promenade


During the hot summer months when trying to beat the heat, it’s imperative to keep hydrated and fed with healthy foods and beverages rich in vitamins. Your body needs these vitamins and other components, including Omega 3 (which is essential for the development and functioning of the brain) and calcium for your bones. To help […]

The IX Sierra Titán Cádiz Triathlon


On September 14th, we will celebrate the 9th edition of the Titan Triathlon in the Sierra de Grazalema. Starting and finishing in Zahara de la Sierra, the race, which has attracted about 300 athletes, offers up a distance that includes a 2000 metre swim, a 90km bike ride and 21 km on foot. The beauty […]

10 reasons to take olive oil


Olive Oil is considered to be one of the main components of the Mediterranean diet. Its use contributes to a healthy and beneficial diet because it contains those vitamins that are essential for the body and has a distinctive flavor of its own that give your kitchen a touch of refinement. According to studies, the […]

The Five Basic Recommendations For Breakfast Before Sports

Desayuno y deporte

Much of the enjoyment of travelling is seeing and experiencing new cultures and customs, how things are done there, including the sampling of food from other countries. Gastronomic traditions rely heavily on the geography and climate of each location. For example, if you live in northern Europe, where it is colder, you’d take in hotter […]

Twelve Recommendations For What To Eat and How To Have A Healthy Breakfast

Desayuno saludable

Perhaps the best way to start talking about the breakfast is to make clear what we should and should not take in. It often happens when we are on holiday that eat without much care or control. There is a big temptation to think that you are on holiday, so therefore you can eat what […]

The Hotel Fuerte El Rompido Is Committed To Local Trade Through The Slow Market Movement.

Slow Market Fuerte El Rompido

This market organises exhibitions and craft skills workshops under the philosophy that “things are done right rather than fast’. The Hotel Fuerte El Rompido, Cartaya, hosts the Slow Market on its grounds, offering an entertaining meeting point where artists and artisans display their seasonal creations through exhibitions and workshops of traditional techniques meant to engage […]

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