The Five Basic Recommendations For Breakfast Before Sports

Desayuno y deporte

Much of the enjoyment of travelling is seeing and experiencing new cultures and customs, how things are done there, including the sampling of food from other countries. Gastronomic traditions rely heavily on the geography and climate of each location. For example, if you live in northern Europe, where it is colder, you’d take in hotter […]

Twelve Recommendations For What To Eat and How To Have A Healthy Breakfast

Desayuno saludable

Perhaps the best way to start talking about the breakfast is to make clear what we should and should not take in. It often happens when we are on holiday that eat without much care or control. There is a big temptation to think that you are on holiday, so therefore you can eat what […]

The Hotel Fuerte El Rompido Is Committed To Local Trade Through The Slow Market Movement.

Slow Market Fuerte El Rompido

This market organises exhibitions and craft skills workshops under the philosophy that “things are done right rather than fast’. The Hotel Fuerte El Rompido, Cartaya, hosts the Slow Market on its grounds, offering an entertaining meeting point where artists and artisans display their seasonal creations through exhibitions and workshops of traditional techniques meant to engage […]

Workshop in the Sierra de Grazalema: the Centuries Old Craft of Cork Extraction


The Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park, is the green heart of Andalucia and a spectacular setting to enjoy nature at its purest form, but it also hides inside of it ancient arts that have been nurtured by local families for centuries. One of these arts is extracting cork, which takes place here every summer in this rare […]

5 Reasons to Play Golf at El Rompido

Golf El Rompido

If you like golf, then El Rompido is your destiny. Each year, thousands of people choose to play this sport across Southern Spain and not just because of the Costa de la Luz’s privileged climate. This beautiful fishing village belongs to the municipality of Cartaya, in Huelva, and is home to four golf courses: the […]

Puerto de la Ribera, A Bike Tour Full of History and Charm

Puerto de la Ribera, Grazalema

Once again on the Fuerte Blog, we would like to tell you about a beautiful route for trekking, sport and contact with nature, suitable for almost everyone, in the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park. Today, the featured route is the Puerto de la Ribera path. This is a road route, where the beauty of the […]

The Five Things You Need To Know Before Hiking in Grazalema

Parque Natural Sierra de Grazalema

Situated between Cadiz and Malaga, the Sierra De Grazalema Natural Park offers a truly unique landscape, including the Garganta Verde, which is moulded by generations of water erosion, the underground labyrinths of the Cueva del Gato (the longest in Andalucia), the mountaineering peaks of the El Torreón, the climbing walls of the Peñón Grande, the […]

Physical exercise on Holiday, what can we practice?

Deporte durante las vacaciones.

In our last post we told you about 12 things that you should take into account before taking part in sport during your holidays. Once you have read that, we would like to suggest the following activities… So what physical exercise should I do? Well, the best answer to that is to do something you enjoy. […]

12 tips for Physical exercise on Holiday

Deporte durante las vacaciones

You have now chosen your holiday destination and booked everything. Now you must enjoy looking forward to your time away from all the hassle of work and. dare I say it, home. It is a time to relax from the stress of the previous year and charge your batteries. But this year is going to […]

The top 5 points of interest on the route Fuerte Grazalema – Pantanillo del Gaduares

Ruta Fuerte Grazalema

Yesterday we told you everything you need to know about walking the trekking route between the Fuerte Grazalema Hotel and Pantanillo de Gaduares, in Cádiz. Today we’re giving a few more details about the 5 most interesting points on this marvellous circular path. 5. The Age Old “Alcornoque de las Ánimas” Impressively peering over among […]

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