A Strong Bid on Promoting Local Art at Fuerte Conil-Costa Luz Hotel

Painting by Manuel Garcia Hernan

The search for the most astonishing lights and colours in the Cadiz province dominates the paintings and photographs of these local artists.

Living in different towns in the province of Cadiz whose capital is known as “Tacita de Plata” (Silver Little Cup, Cadiz), Sandra I. Hoyos Bejarano, Manuel Garcia Hernan, and Pilar Moreno show in their works their personal vision of the Conil area.

The paintings of de Sandra Ivette Hoyos Bejarano

The artist began to explore the town of Conil as her subject, and she was interested in the architectural shapes and structures, the light qualities at certain times or the environmental features specific to a place or town.

These elements come to life in a semi-abstract way on pictures and collages which often include recycled materials or objects found on the site inspiring each work.

Her most recent paintings deepen the artist’s interest in this part of Andalusia and in refining the pictorial language used to depict it.

So far, her works are present at private collections in Germany, Argentina, Colombia, Spain, United States and Mexico.

Painting by Sandra Ivette Hoyos

Painting by Sandra Ivette Hoyos

Lights and colours of Manuel Garcia Hernan

Manuel Garcia defines art as “something magic that enables to express something that only exists in the imagination”.

On this basis, this resident of Conil de la Frontera is involved in a constant quest for lights and colours that enables him to bring to life positive feelings and experiences on his works.

In Conil he was attracted by the light, the strength of the sea, the sun and the wind. Through these elements he transmits sensations of well-being, quietness and peace.

Photographs by Pilar Moreno

Pilar Moreno is Advanced Technician in Management Computing, and teacher with more than 20 years of experience. She has combined perfectly this task with her love for the world of photography.

She started this art at the early 80s, when she attended her first course at the Asociación Fotografica Isleña (AFI). She has attended several courses and she is now proud of her exhibitions organized in Puerto Real.

Some of her most important courses are: Analogical Photography at the AFI, Artistic Photography with Julian Ochoa, Creative Portrait with Julian Ochoa, Lighting with Francisco Guerrero, Strobist with Rafa Barbera and “A year of Photography” promoted by Obra Social Caja de Mediterráneo.

Fuerte Conil-Costa Luz Hotel

Fuerte Conil-Costa Luz Hotel

Once again Fuerte Hoteles stands out for their bid for authenticity, their commitment to art and local artists, offering their facilities to hold every kind of artistic exhibitions, as an evidence of their line base on a responsible hotel trade.

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