Curiosities of Malaga: “Art Encounters in Genalguacil”, the village museum

Escultura Genalguacil

Art and nature come together in the Malagan town of Genalguacil in Malaga, in the south of Spain, every first fortnight in August biennially with the initiative “Art Encounters in Genalguacil”, that this year will take place from July 31st to August 14th. Various artists from all over Spain and the world, work, create, live together […]

The Best Place In The World To Live, According To The Telegraph, Is Andalucia: 10 Reasons To Live In Southern Europe


“The Best Place To Live In The World.” This designation was bestowed on Andalucia as a part of the British publication, The Telegraph, list of its top 20 places to live the good life. Ahead of Paris, France, Parma, Italy and a Caribbean paradise, Southern Spain earned a place on top. The region’s climate, cuisine, […]

Native Products Of Malaga: The Secret of Ojen Anis That Its Founder Took To His Grave


Travelling is not just about visiting a location, but about getting to know a place. Gastronomy and local products are fundamental components of an area’s culture we should see when we visit. So, today I want to present the origin of a “glass of Ojen”, an anis prepared in the wonderful mountain village perched just […]

New Year’s Traditions: Ten Ways To Attract Good Luck For 2014

fin de año

We are now coming to the end of 2013 and to the time when Spanish families will start the New Year by making resolutions. Quitting smoking, exercising more and starting a well balanced diet are just some of the most common projects people take on for the next 365 days. However, celebrating the New Year […]

Ten Keys To Knowing Flamenco


Flamenco is one of the most important musical components of Spain’s rich cultural history and folklore, considered a universal art and designated an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity (2010). Its origins are found in the late eighteenth century in Andalucia  and is especially associated with the Gypsy population, who gave it a defined genre identity. […]

Halloween Or All Saints Holidays? We’ve Gathered The Five Most Famous Traditions In Spain For Celebrating The Day Of The Dead


Vampires, witches and the undead await just around the corner as we celebrate the Anglo import that is Halloween night. However, what about our own traditions when it comes to All Saints Day? Have we forgotten it all? The answer is “no”. As Spaniards, we stick to our habits and remember those that have passed […]

Necro-tourism? Here Are seven Cemeteries You Can’t Miss In Andalucia

cementerio granada new 1

Each November, we have a tradition that sends us to visit our cemeteries to remember those who have passed. However, beyond their obvious function, many of these cemeteries stand out for their architectural and monumental value. In Europe, visiting these locations is increasingly known as “necrotourism” and Spain has many examples to consider. We’ve gathered […]

The Most Authentic and Typical Product of Malaga: The Raisin


If there is one local product that signifies the ecological identity and quality craftsmanship of Malaga, it has to be the area’s raisins. This has been so widely recognized that the European Union recently granted the product a protected food status under an established designation of origin of ‘Malaga Raisins’. The Malaga raisin in the […]

The Yusto/Giner Gallery – A Room For Art In Marbella


The Yusto/Giner Gallery in Marbella was introduced to the art world just a year and a half ago, but has already become a highlight among younger artists on the international level. It has attracted new and promising artists who could- and why not? – become the next Picasso or Dali. The gallery is located in […]

The Charm Of The Andalucian Patio Courtyards in Beautiful Conil

Patio andaluz

The Andalucian patio possess art, charm and history. Each year, thousands of visitors are drawn to the area to discover these spaces that play with light, air, architecture and where plants play the lead role. Despite this popularity, not everyone knows just where these spaces came from. The Andalucian patio has two origin stories, descending […]

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