The Charm Of The Andalucian Patio Courtyards in Beautiful Conil

Patio andaluz

The Andalucian patio possess art, charm and history. Each year, thousands of visitors are drawn to the area to discover these spaces that play with light, air, architecture and where plants play the lead role. Despite this popularity, not everyone knows just where these spaces came from. The Andalucian patio has two origin stories, descending […]

The History, Language and Uses of a Fan: What Do You Mean With A Fan?


In Spain, fans are used by men and women alike, offering a popular amenity that help beat the heat in a simple and sustainable way. Today on the Fuerte Blog, we talk with a crafter of fans who has offered to share her secrets. Born in Bilbao, Ana Bruno operates a stall in the craft […]

Ancient Traditions: Don’t Go Swimming Until El Carmen!

Virgen del Carmen

There was once a tradition in Spain that people did not take their first swim in the sea until the procession of the Virgin del Carmen on the 16th of July. As tradition dictated, once the procession of the Virgin passed, our ancestors were threw themselves into the water. The belief was that the waters […]

‘Sensitive Material’ art exhibition in Conil de la Frontera


The Fuerte Foundation’s Cultural Area has organized and is promoting the ‘Sensitive Material’ art exhibition at the Hotel Fuerte Conil, featuring the works of artists Pacciollo Enrrico, Sandra Hoyos and Joseph Aniés. The exhibition will open on July 20th and will run trhrough September 27th. These three artists have been heavily influenced by the surroundings […]

Once again, Ronda becomes a land of bandits and adventure for romantic travelers

Ronda Romantica

The first weekend of June will witness a Southern Spanish treasure when “Romantic Ronda” returns life to the 18th century.

Are You Ready to Enjoy the Best Carnivals in Andalucía?

This and every year, Carnival means travelling to the wonderful cities of Cadiz and Malaga, where varied groups of locals and visitors alike fill the air each night with the infectious sound of joy and laughter. Every February, Carnival celebrates the joy and the feast in cities across the world, with some of the most […]

A Strong Bid on Promoting Local Art at Fuerte Conil-Costa Luz Hotel

The search for the most astonishing lights and colours in the Cadiz province dominates the paintings and photographs of these local artists.

(Español) El hotel Fuerte Conil-Costa Luz expone la colección Arte responsable de artistas locales

Pottery, an Ancient Technique that Can Be Watched in Grazalema Exhibition

Not long ago we told you about artisanal salt production, today we would like to talk about another ancient technique that has been recovered: pottery.

(Español) El anticipo de la Semana Santa llega a Marbella: concierto ‘Saetando lo clásico’

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