Fuerte Hoteles will host the Fantasy film week at the Costa del Sol for another year

Another time the Fuerte Hoteles are the hosting institution of the fantasy film week at the Costa del Sol, celebrating its 13th edition.

Last Friday the signing of the agreement took place saying that the Fuerte Hotels are going to continue their cooperation with the 13th fantasy film week at the Costa del Sol for at least one year. The festival running from the 24th to the 29th of September in Estepona, this year is about the story of “Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde”. During the five days of festival, mythic and new titles of the fantasy movie-world are presented, taking part in the contest and as well including new sections as “Las Jornadas de Luna Llena” (The days of full-moon). Further parallel activities take place in the Fuerte Estepona Suites Spa and treat of other fields like Asian or Latin-American fantasy films.

The signing took place in the El Fuerte museum of the Fuerte Marbella, where the director of the festival, Julio Peces (on the right), together with Isabel Luque, responsible for cultural areas of the Fuerte Fundación and Joaquín Pineda, director for communication and CSR at Fuerte Hoteles, were attendant.

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