Visual Poetry and a Beach Escape in the Village of Conil – Feria, Food and Celebration

La playa de El Palmar, a la que se accede a través de pasarelas de madera

La playa de El Palmar, a la que se accede a través de pasarelas de madera

For those who call Spain home, visiting the southern coasts of Cadiz during the summer months is as common a pilgrimage as a Sunday dinner with the family.

Family and friends take to the long coastlines each year to take advantage of wonderful weather as the stunning Atlantic waters wash up against the beaches. In Spain, making the trip to Cadiz is just something everyone has to do and do often. Furthermore, as is true with the world’s truly unique locales, Cadiz almost demands that visitors return. Drawn by the natural parks, the crystal clear waters, the red stained skies of the Atlantic sunset, the wonderful beaches or the lush menus of fresh, fried fish and more, visitors always do. They always come back.

However, what about those who’ve never made the trip south? Can they really understand the poetry of the region’s deep history, culture and beauty? There may be no more ideal time to experience this region’s true charm and romantic culture than the late summer days of the Feria in the seaside town of Conil. There, for a few days, visitors come face to face with the deep history and allure of landscape and people of Cadiz. For a few days in September, travellers can walk among the open and charming people of Cadiz, tasting the food and life they have to offer along the Atlantic shores. Welcoming guests with what is often called a regionally unique accent and often peculiar sense of humour, these content residents of Conil and the Cadiz region bask in the enviable light and appeal of the famed Spanish Costa de la Luz.

The reason for this sought-after happiness is really rather simple. Blessed with 14 miles of golden sand beaches, Conil possesses the enviable culture and history Southern Spain is most known for. A modest fishing village that is home to the natural beauty and rustic exclusivity that is increasingly rare on the Spanish coastline.

Hardly just a beachside get-away, Conil also boasts a stunning historic centre, complete with hints of the sea life, traditional narrow whitewashed streets and beautiful elements of its Muslim past. In town antique farms and houses with high ceilings have been exsquisitly converted into charming restaurants or bars where travelers can gather to enjoy a mojito surrounded by geraniums and other similarly relaxed souls.

The Conil Feria

La Torre Guzmán, situada en la plaza donde se celebran las fiestas

La Torre Guzmán, situada en la plaza donde se celebran las fiestas

Its against this stunning and peaceful backdrop that locals and guests gather each year to celebrate the town’s patroness, Our Lady of Virtues, on September 8th. On that day, the town gathers to enjoy every minute of the annual celebration together. Each year, revellers come together on a chosen stretch of beach called Los Bateles, where booths are constructed and attendees are invited to wander through on horseback and adorned in traditional flamenco costumes. How ever they chose to arrive, guests are invited to sample local seafood and wine as locals offer local song and dance all around them. Hardly relegated to the beachside fairground, the annual Feria extends through the village, into Plaza Guzman, which hosts a food and crafts fair for lovers of fine cuisine and native art. Finally, a parade of traditional craft giants and towering heads make their way through the narrow streets, leading revellers to the beach once again.

As ideal as the Conil Feria is for experiencing the true beauty and poetry of the Cadiz coast, the area offers a beachside experience for every taste. Offering sands to relax and gather with others to watch the late sunset or coastlines to practice surfing, windsurfing, sailing, diving, kite surfing and body boarding, Conil’s beaches allow exactly the destination for whatever a traveller’s heart desires. Those in search of an ideal way to experince Conil can find a peaceful outpost at the Hotel Fuerte Conil, Costa Luz, situated in front of the beach of La Fontanilla.

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