Fuerte Miramar Spa opens its doors, an oasis of wellbeing, health and beauty in Marbella

Spa Miramar en Marbella

Spa Miramar en Marbella

The hydrotherapy treatment and massage center in Fuerte Miramar Hotel opens its doors again in Easter week.

Miramar Spa hydrotherapy center provides a true festival for the senses. It is open to the public from this Easter week 2012 to provide wellbeing and beauty services in Marbella.

Its hydrotherapy journeys and its treatments and massages are designed to involve our guests in a world of feelings which will make your body and mind relax completely. Miramar Spa is located inside the Fuerte Miramar Hotel in Marbella, at the beachfront and very near the historical town center. It is the ideal destination for a family trip or a romantic getaway.

This year indulge yourself with the new treatments that provide beauty and a touch of the exotic into your body and soul. Your senses will take you to a universe of peace and tranquility never experienced before. These are some of our treatment details:

Exotic rituals

There is no better way to pamper your skin than the Mystic Terra Inka ritual, inspired by the ancient Andean tradition in South America, it is a ritual full of different sensations and exquisite aromas that will make your skin very smooth in only 4 steps: a purifying peel with purple corn, a body mask with lucuma, Sacha Inchi (regenerating oil) and Quinua (used as a nutritive cream).

Argan Ritual is another treatment that you cannot miss for it encompasses the Berber wisdom from Morocco in Africa. Feel the pleasure of the golden liquid from the desert in your body in the most relaxing and nutritive way. A peel with spices will be followed by a deep relaxing massage with Argan oil.

Your natural beauty will be boosted with 3 new facials that you will never forget thanks to their anti-aging and relaxing effects that they will have in your skin during and after the treatments.

First of all, 90-minute treatment in 3 Dimensions: face, eyes and relaxation. Get that new light in your eyes that everyone will notice. Excellence 41 consists in an hour massage, divided in 42 steps that will model your features and relax your completion to provide vitality and brilliance. Finally, a specific treatment for men’s skin that also needs a special treatment is provided by the Energizing treatment for Men. Your skin will be purified and renovated while a feeling of relax fills your mind and body.

Swedish and Lomi Lomi massage

We have included two new massages from two corners of the world: Swedish massage and Lomi Lomi massage. The first one is a classical deep but sensitive massage with stretching techniques to release the tension of your muscles. The second one is a Hawaiian massage, with movements inspired in the sea waves in rhythm with your heartbeats, giving you peace of mind.

Besides our new massages, our clients will be delighted by the Miramar classical treatments and our Miramar Hydrotherapy Circuit which has new forms so you can fully enjoy it in a renovated way.

The Spa Party, both for adults or for children (the Princess Party) are also at your disposal. The Princess Party gives children a different and original way to celebrate birthdays in an amusing and sparkling environment.

Come to our Fuerte Miramar Hotel center and don’t forget to pamper yourself!

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