The streets of Marbella are awash in color and contentment for San Bernabé Festival

Feria de Marbella.

Marbella Fair.

Andalusian traditions and folklore can be found from 5th to 12th June in Marbella.

By the Mediterranean Sea lies one of the most popular cities of the Costa del Sol. Its traditional beaches and corners explain why Marbella (Málaga) is a unique touristic destination in Spain. Although many people are attracted by its charm throughout the year, its potential is multiplied in June. Marbella starts to dress up to host its Bernabé festival, the patron deity of the city. In the first two weeks of this spring month the white narrow streets of the city start to be decorated with lanterns, polka dots and flounces.

Despite being a very cosmopolitan location where numerous languages from all corners of the world can be heard, Marbella preserves its traditional flavor. The fair is an evidence of this deep rooted taste, where the curious visitors will be able to enjoy the enriching customs and events from the South of Andalucía for 15 days.

It all starts with the reading of the “pregón”, a speech made by an important personality in the city in which the festivities are praised and celebrated. The fireworks in Marbella sky and the life music concerts mark the beginning of these joyous days in Marbella. In the Fair location the colorful lanterns are lit around the main entrance arch and in the fully decorated streets of this area.

Fiesta, music and Andalusian charm

In addition to acts of worship like services and processions, a beauty contest is celebrated and the queen and princesses of the festival are chosen. Afterwards, we can only enjoy the best Andalusian music and gastronomy! There is a fair going on at day time and another one at night, both in the Fair special location, Las Albarizas de Marbella, that makes this city a charming decorated place 24 hours a day. More than twenty “casetas” or typical bars with rumba and sevillana music (typical flamenco dancing from the south of Spain) can be popped in. The best wines (either fino, manzanilla or sweet) can be tasted and men and women are usually dressed up in the typical Andalusian costumes. The costumes for her are very colorful with flounces and joyful patterns and the one for men is the “traje de corto” (a typical jacket above the waist) and a red waistband (like a wide belt made from a bright fabric).

At night time, the festival moves on to the “Feria de Noche” or “Night Fair”. The music still plays an important role but the children attractions and rides are also important. Joy and contentment are the common denominators of this fair that commemorates the conquest of the city by the Catholic Monarchs.

Queen of the Seas

But this is not the only traditional festivity celebrated by the citizens of Marbella. A month later the Festivity of Our Lady of Carmen, the queen and guardian of the seas, takes place. Do not forget Marbella is a maritime city with great devotion to this protecting mother or Madonna.

In this regard, the 16th July (El Carmen festivity) and the previous days, the neighbors venerate this image with great belief.

One of the most beautiful and stunning events is “the Down Rosary” that is prayed at down in a procession leading towards the sea where the Carmen Virgin goes out to the streets from Our Lady of the Encarnación Church to Lonja at the Fishing Port to bless the waters.

Folklore and good weather

If you decide to visit Andalucía during the months of June and July, you already know that Marbella cannot be missed, not only for its touristic beauty but also because it offers you the possibility of immersing yourself in the deepest folklore from the South of Spain.

Vistas desde el hotel Fuerte Marbella.

Views from Fuerte Marbella Hotel.

Andalusian traditions and folklore can be found from 5th to 12th June in Marbella.

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