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Travelling For Celiacs: 7 Gluten-Free Restaurants In Marbella

When we finally take off on a long-awaited vacation, we often find ourselves spending a significant portion of our trip in restaurants, on terraces and in bars. So far, so good. However, the truth is that for a small part of our population, planning is not limited to “where to go”, but must take into account which places offer products free of gluten, sugars, lactose or other ingredients that could trigger an allergy.

A celiac is a person with an intolerance to gluten, a protein that can be found in grains such as wheat, barely or rye. The only effective treatment is a diet that is 100% gluten free. That means removing all food products that may contain it, which requires eliminating conventional bread, pasta and all foods made from wheat flour.

Keeping to this kind of diet is far more complicated than it seems, especially in Western countries where wheat products are the most consumed, making up about 70% of manufactured goods.

Luckily, finding gluten-free places to eat is increasingly common. Many restaurants have adapted their menus and offer specific gluten-free dishes. If your destination is Marbella, we have gathered a few options to eat without worry:

  1. Restaurant La Relojera is a typical pescaíto, or seafood restaurant, situated along the promenade of Marbella, opposite the Bajadilla fishing port. They have a separate fryer for gluten-free options and other dishes.
  2. Pizzeria Casa Italia. Would you like a pizza without gluten? Well head on over to this restaurant where they have special flour and an oven for #glutenfree pizza. It’s located in the heart of the Golden Mile of Marbella.
  3. Vips in Puerto Banus, located near the cinema has a special gluten-free menu.
  4. Bar La Chiquitilla, situated next to the Antonio Serrano Lima sports centre. They offer homemade food, tapas and if you inform the chef, he will kindly provide the specials of the day.
  5. Chiringuito Las Cuchis is a fantastic bar with a wide range of gluten-free dishes.
  6. Hotel Fuerte Marbella has special menus for celiacs with varied dishes and even deserts. We recommend booking in advance.
  7. Restaurante/Pizzeria Corleone.
  8. Restaurante/Tapas La Trilla.

You can find out more in this article. It is important that society is made aware of these limitations, and increasingly more deeply know these “glitches”.

This article is a part of the Fuerte Hotels committment to raising awareness of this condition and the people it affects. With greater knowledge, comes a greater life for all.

If you know of more gluten-free establishments and want to add them to our list, please add a comment. You are more than welcome!

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