Give your taste buds a treat: here we present the ten tastiest local products from Malaga

The province of Malaga is full of local products and the local dishes have been gaining recognition. Malaga has very fertile soil and a wide variety of fruits are cultivated, a delight for the most demanding palates. If you ever pass through the province, prepare your taste buds to enjoy snacks that only this place can offer. Here we show you the ten most outstanding local products from this area.

1. Malaga goat cheese

The Malaga goat is one of the breeds of goat with the tastiest milk in the country. Using this milk, cheese is made which is so famous that enthusiasts are drawn to the province. Depending on the degree of maturation, various categories, flavours, colours and textures can be distinguished. Do not leave without trying Malaga cheese curds, one of the most delicious, and do not forget to take one home. Look carefully because many of them are rated among the best and most environmentally-friendly cheeses in the world!


Malaga goat cheese

2. Axarquía raisins

Axarquía raisins from Malaga have their own appellation and are known internationally for their quality. The collection process and dehydration of the grapes before reaching the final product is very laborious. Known as the black pearls of the South, they are a fountain of youth because they contain high levels of antioxidants such as Omega 6 and Vitamin E.  If you have memory problems, take a handful of raisins because everyone knows that they help the mind to function in addition to sweetening your palate.

pasas axarquia

Axarquía raisins

3. Malaga sweet wine

If you come to Malaga and don’t try its sweet wine, it’s as if you didn’t get to know the place. This is one of the most famous in Spain and its international prestige positions it as one of the most important in its category. In addition to its distinctive and delicious flavour, the wine from Malaga has other qualities. If you suffer from sore throats, drink a glass of this typical Malaga product and see how it relieves your pain and brings your voice back. Many flamenco singers do this before taking the stage.


Malaga sweet wine

4. Alora olives

These are the first table olives with a protected appellation in Spain. There is a great tradition in Alora with these olives: they have always been stored in earthen jars and have been present in all homes. Grandmothers know the right way to season them. Water, salt, vinegar, thyme, fennel and oregano are the main ingredients for it and are always manipulated using wooden utensils. There is nothing better than sitting at a table in the sun with a good wine and a plate of Alora olives.

aceituna aloreña

Alora olives

5. Genal chestnuts

Autumn brings with it one of the most anticipated products from the province of Malaga: chestnuts. The Genal Valley is one of the most productive areas and walking through these lands is to enjoy the amazing smell of roasting chestnuts. Seeing chestnut roasters with their carts on the streets in the province of Malaga is traditional. Large pots are placed on coal and, once toasted, this delicacy is offered wrapped in a paper cone. Treat yourself: warm your hands during the winter with the package while enjoying the taste.


Genal chestnuts

6. Coín fig bread

Fig bread is a typical rural recipe from Coín, the origin of which comes from exploiting this fruit which occurs in the area. This local product is one of the most well-known and is now made so easily so that it can easily be transported.  In fact, it is one of the most common gifts that people visiting Malaga bring their families and friends. The recipe comes from the Muslim period as they used a lot of these ingredients.


Coín fig bread

7. Algarrobo cakes

This ancient recipe is one of the best kept secrets in Algarrobo. Outside of this area, it’s hard to make the cakes exactly right. Olive oil, aniseed and almonds are some of the ingredients of this typical product from Axarquía. Don’t forget to try this treat, especially for breakfast. There is no better way to start the day than by waking up your palate.

tortas de algarrobo

Algarrobo cakes

8. Periana peach

The fertile clay-rich soil in Periana gives the peaches a characteristic richness. Its velvety skin and intoxicating smell makes it impossible to resist taking a bite. Its reputation is recognised throughout the province and the marketing was quickly successful given the quality of the fruit. Although originally an Argentinian, known there as a “durazno”, it has become a symbol of Periana. If you come to Malaga, always make sure you have one of these to hand and remember that, in addition to the fruit’s healthy properties, it never hurts to sweeten life a little.

melocoton periana

Periana peach

9. Mistelle liquor from Arriate

Brandy, coffee beans, cinnamon and sugar are the basis for one of the most traditional spirits from the Serrania de Ronda region. Mistelle has a smooth aniseed flavour, making it the best companion for the typical traditional pastries. This drink is used as a digestive after a heavy meal. If you ever visit this region, try it with an almond-based sweet.  These two products together are very comforting.


Mistelle liquor from Arriate

10. Molletes from Antequera

You cannot go to Malaga without trying the Antequera mollete. This bread roll is the best known from these lands and has acquired a deserved reputation over time. Its round shape and softness are the main features of this product which can be combined with all kinds of foods. Ham, cheese, pate, tomato or any other ingredients taste better with a mollete. It is such a famous product that there are even cookbooks which use this bread as a main ingredient.


Molletes from Antequera

What gift is better than a local product? Very often, we don’t know what to bring our loved ones when we travel. Here are ten perfect souvenirs that will make you a king, but the most important thing is not to forget you also need to enjoy them because it’s impossible to go to Malaga without trying these treats for your taste buds.

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