Hot Springs Tourism: find the best baths, spas and hammams in Andalucia

Hamman Open Space

Andalucia is rooted in its Arab past and preserves the baths and the most beautiful hammams in Spain. Hot springs tourism is increasingly in vogue, especially when you consider the world of stress and anxiety in which we live. A contrast of hot and cold water in a relaxing environment renews our energies and clears […]

Marbella: health and wellness tourism in a luxurious environment

Spa Fuerte Miramar

Marbella is not just parties, concerts, cocktails and night clubs. The city hides other calmer side where you can spend a luxurious holiday in a relaxed atmosphere. The Costa del Sol town, Queen of glamour and ostentation, offer a wide range of high-class services for those looking for a few relaxing days away from the […]

Post holiday syndrome? The 10 Benefits of a SPA and Hydrotherapy Circuit

spa fuerte hoteles

If you are suffering from a post-holiday letdown, you would not be the first and you would not be the last. The stress that comes with the return of the daily routine of work can cause anxiety among many of us. As we return, it can be difficult to re-adapt. Don’t let this happen to […]

Ten keys to protecting your skin in summer and getting a nice tan


When summer comes, we all want a nice tan and good-looking skin, but there is no need to endanger our health. The sun burns in the summer and we must learn to protect ourselves from UV rays.  This doesn’t mean sacrificing your tan. There is a wide range of products and certain foods that help […]

Follow these ten simple steps to watch your diet this summer during your holidays


Summer is a time for fine dining and relaxation, and when we come home from our holidays and jump the scales, we need to start dieting and exercising to get our figures back. Spending your days off enjoying the local cuisine and not gaining weight is possible if you know how to do it wisely. […]



Sunny days are common in Andalucia, allowing us to practice all sorts of outdoor activities, including running, skating, biking and, why not? Yoga on the beach. If you area fan of that last option, you might want to check out our ten things that should be known before taking on this activity that relaxes your […]

15 Factors You Should Keep In Mind To Avoid Problems With Myocardial and Cerebral Ischemia


Some of the most common conditions or diseases seen in the developed world are those related to blood flow and blockages of the veins and arteries that carry nutrients and oxygen to the heart or brain. If there is a blockage in the system can cause a heart attack or ischemia, a restriction in blood […]

Twelve New Year Resolutions For 2014


It’s that time of year when we pause to reflect on the past year and take some time to look forward to the coming year and maybe try to change or control some of our bad habits.  Making New Years resolutions is nothing new and has been a tradition from time immemorial. The ancient Babylonians […]

Extra Kilos: Here Are Ten Tips To Help Lose Weight After Christmas


After Christmas has passed and January arrives, your scale can quickly become your worst enemy as those dreaded extra kilos begin to show. Sweets, alcohol ands heavy meals weigh heavily on our bodies making it necessary to not only work to regain our figure, but also eliminate all those toxins we’ve accumulated. Below, we’ve gathered […]

The Mediterranean Diet, An Intangible Cultural Heritage: 10 Tricks For A Healthy Food Model


The Mediterranean diet has long been recognised across the world for its quality, richness and wholesomeness. Now UNESCO has decided to designate it as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, giving a new impetus to this globally known dietary approach. Spain, Italy, Morocco, Greece, Cyprus, Croatia and Portugal are the inheritors of centuries of culinary […]

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