Ronda: 10 things to see beyond the Tagus

Visiting Ronda, in the heart of the province of Málaga, is an attractive way to learn about Andalusia’s past. Palaces, Arab baths, watchtowers, Roman theatres and even primitive caves are available to visitors who can immerse themselves in a journey in time which unleashes the imagination. There are many poets and writers who have been […]

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The Odiel Marshes: A Natural Setting Where The Sea, Land And Sky All Meet

The Odiel marshes comprise of the municipalities of Gibraleón Alcor, Punta Umbria and southwest Huelva. It is a natural space where there is a confluence of the mouths of the Tinto and Odiel Rivers. Here are 10 reasons why this area is recommended for a chance to enjoy a day of beauty. It has been […]

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The top 10 beaches of Andalucía (part II)

We continue with our list of the top ten beaches of Andalucía. As we mentioned in the previous post, the Andalucían territory has a number of great beaches for tourists and others that are lesser known, allowing them a special charm. Here we present the beaches: El Palmar (on the Cadiz coast), the amazing beach […]

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The Top 10 Beaches in Andalucía (part I)

One of the greatest treasures we as Andalucians have is our array of beaches, providing us with a natural heritage with personality. Some of the best beaches in Spain are located along the coastline that runs through the different provinces that make up Andalucía. If you plan on spending a few days of your vacation […]

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