TripAdvisor Hotel Fuerte Miramar, Marbella

Fuerte Hotels Awarded TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence

The Fuerte Hotel Estepona also received the “Highly Recommended Award for 2013” from the European travel portal, Zoover.

All establishments in the Fuerte Hotel Group received TripAdvisor‘s 2013 Certificate for Excellence, which recognizes the high ratings given by users on one of the worlds largest portals. The award, which highlights outstanding hospitality, is only granted to businesses that continually receive outstanding reviews from TripAdvisor travelers. Of all those businesses with a TripAdvisor profile, only 10% receive this prestigious award.

To get this Certificate of Excellence, Fuerte Marbella, Fuerte Miramar, Fuerte Conil – Costa Luz, Fuerte Estepona, Fuerte El Fuerte Rompido and Calaceit have all maintained a minimum overall score of four points (of a possible five) – a score which is based on the opinions of travelers who have stayed at the hotels.

José Luque, CEO of Fuerte Hotels expressed his gratitude for the recognition because the award is from “those guests who confirm that they are satisfied with the service we provide”.

Luque continued, this is a “recognition of the excellence of Fuerte Hotels according to user reviews, and a demonstration that we have given them a unique experience, which translates into positive reviews on TripAdvisor”.

Fuerte Estepona – “Highly Recommended by Zoover”

For its part, the Fuerte Estepona was awarded the ‘Highly Recommended Zoover 2013’ for being one of the most valued and recommended hotels in Spain by its customers. The award is based on the opinions and comments left by guests on Zoover International, one of Europe’s largest independent travel web site’s with over 1,500,000 opinions and reviews of hotels and destinations and more than 150 million annual visitors.



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