Thirty years drawing smiles among the most disadvantaged, foreseeing a “Horizon” of solidarity

Proyecto Hombre Marbella.

Proyecto Hombre Marbella.

Today we want to tell you about the selfless volunteer work carried out by the Horizonte Association in Marbella for 30 years.

People are the keystone of every society. Sometimes, life and adversity make a lot of people fall into precarious situations. Unfortunately, drug addiction is a common problem in our societies today.
For the last 30 years the work of this Association Horizonte Proyecto Hombre in Marbella has been focused on this so badly affected group of people. Fuerte Hoteles by means of its Fundación Fuerte has been supporting this association since it started 30 years ago.

“Thousands of people that had lost their reason to live have found new hopes and have started to smile again. This is the main purpose of Horizonte” suggests Isabel María García Bardón, president of the Association Horizonte, a role that she shares with her responsibilities at Fundación Fuerte. Volunteers, members and partners have helped to make this work for the most vulnerable and excluded sectors of society grow further and reach further.

Companies that care about their environment

This association had a long gestation process that started in the early 1980s. “Studying our social environment we realized that a major problem to be faced was drug addiction, drug addiction was then killing and alienating a lot of young people, it was ruining families and in this regard very few organizations and people were helping”, points out García Barzón. The president of Fuerte Foundation has always defended that Fuerte Hoteles does not only cares about its customers but is also concerned about the different environments where these hotels are located and the people that live there, that’s why this foundation always supports the causes aiming at achieving a better society.

The work of Horizonte in the prevention of drug use and treatment has been largely praised by numerous associations and institutions. The director of Proyecto Hombre in Málaga, Juan José Soriano, says that Horizonte “has been able to generate the necessary resources to be a benchmark in the prevention and treatment of drug use in Marbella”. The fact that this association has survived and worked along the years adapting to the different situations and requirements gives sufficient evidence of this.

Nowadays the association’s mission is continued. Its goals include the treatment of drug addictions in adults using an educational methods and different therapies, and drug use prevention in children, teenagers and young people carrying out educational, training and informative actions in school, family and community environments. One of its main objectives is to offer a great array of resources adapted to the different people’s profiles with problems related to drug addiction and to provide support to their families. Horizonte has a large and qualified team of professional staff and also work with a significant number of volunteers.

Among the programs developed by the association, the Foundation program (with hosting, therapy in community and reintegration), the Support Treatment Housing and the Guidance for affected people and families clearly stand out.
A great number of well-known people from sport, social and cultural life provided support to Horizonte Association, as well as many institutions and associations. The popular Spanish singer Pasión Vega supports this cause pointing out that “there is a world behind the world where to choose”. The NBA basketball player Jorge Garbajosa also wants to join to the group of people that have congratulated Horizonte for its task saying that “it has much merit”.

Horizonte Association is celebrating its 30th anniversary with a campaign called “30 years, 30 months, 30 events”. The aim is that its members endeavor to provide better values to society from the middle of 2011 to the end of 2013. A newsletter has also been published with detailed information about this charity in Marbella. Moreover, a benefit dinner is going to be held to raise funds for this cause.

In the future Fuerte Hoteles will continue to support this social work that has been of great benefit to people with drug addiction problems and to their families.

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