Tourism understood with a pinch of solidarity, the importance of supporting fair trade by companies

Fair Trade Day.

Fair Trade Day.

Human dignity and environment are the basic pillars of World Fair Trade Day commemoration.

World Fair Trade Day is celebrated every year on the second Saturday of May. This celebration is meant to raise awareness on the importance of making this economic model work, seeking a fair and egalitarian system both at social and environmental level. But what is exactly fair trade? The best definition is the one describing “fair trade” as a trading system based on dialogue, transparency and respect which seeks to achieve a greater equity on international trade with special attention to social and environmental factors. It contributes to sustainable development by offering favorable trading conditions and ensuring the rights of producers and workers, especially in impoverished communities in the South. That’s the main reason why it is considered a powerful tool for development cooperation. Decent salaries and working conditions This awareness dates back from seventies, when an alternative trade was originated after the claims that were vindicated by the South calling for fairer trading conditions. For this reason, when buying products with Fair Trade Standards you can be sure that decent salaries and working conditions are respected, that human rights are complied with, as well as the principle of not exploiting children, gender equality and a minimum impact over environment. Every year there is a growing number of this type of stores that implement this trading system and a growing number of responsible consumers at international level, not only for the high quality of these products but also for a social and environmental awareness. A great number of international organizations work in the promotion and implementation of fair trade. A clear example of this World Fair Trade Day commemoration is the so-called “cash-mob”that is celebrated in Spain (Barcelona) for the very first time this year. It is an open call in social networks, like the “flash-mob”. The idea is that a maximum number of people go to a specific place in a fixed date and hour and buy a product in order to help a small-scale trader or producer.

Responsible hotels

In this sense, Fuerte Hoteles have always been concerned about fair trade and the social and environmental values that it implies. Therefore, in the hotel assessment process, those hotels using or emphasizing fair trade products are assessed positively with higher scores in the section “Responsible Behavior” a score that is consequently reflected in the global score or “Responsible Assessment”. The main objective is to positively assess those hotels that can prove that they use fair trade products, as Fuerte Hoteles do. In this stage the choice of marketing and purchasing fair trade products that respects human dignity and environment as a basic principle also depends on entrepreneurs and consumers. Do you want to join us in a more responsible consumption? We make it easier for you, follow this link and find out about our Fuerte Hoteles Fair Trade products.

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