10 essential spots to try the best fish and seafood in Andalucia

If you love seafood, Andalucia is your destination. Both the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean bathe and lap the shores of this land of seafood which is famous worldwide. Andalusian cuisine has a huge reputation and its most characteristic specialties come from the water. If you have a select palate and want to try the seafood delicacies of southern Spain, we recommend you come to these places below. This excellent cuisine will leave you with your mouth open. Here you have the ten best places for fresh seafood in Andalucia.


1.       Huelva prawns

Prawns from Huelva are unrivalled. The Huelva coast is recognized internationally for the quality of its seafood, and especially its star product. You can try them grilled, with pil pil sauce or with salad. In the bar El Condado in the city centre, they have a long tradition of preparing white prawns. And in beautiful coastal locations in the province such as El Rompido, you can find this succulent dish at the restaurant La Parra or at the restaurant El Rincón de Pecadores where you will also enjoy the beautiful views that this place has to offer.


2.       Barbate Market

If you want to try the best tuna, don’t hesitate to come to Barbate. The tuna caught in this area is one of the most delicious dishes around, healthy and rich in Omega 3, which is beneficial to the body. At the Market, you can get good pieces you can cook yourself. If you don’t want to start cooking, there are routes which are organised for tasting this dish. Conil de la Frontera is one of the municipalities where this route passes through. We recommend the restaurant Fuerte Conil -Costa Luz, el Chiringuito El Huerto, and the restaurant La Fontanilla.


3.       Sardines in Málaga

Málaga’s beaches are filled with boats equipped for grilling sardines strung up which are cooked over a fire and keep the taste of the sea, typical of the Costa del Sol If you come through this area, go and sit at a beach bar with a cool drink and a sardine while enjoying the sea. They are usually eaten with a squeeze of lemon and they can be found at any beach restaurant. We recommend you visit Marbella and try the sardines at the Beach Club Restaurant Grill in Fuerte Miramar and either the Restaurante Santiago or El Chiringuito de la Playa de El Faro.


4.       Roe in Huelva

The quality of the fish and shellfish in Huelva makes their eggs very popular in Spanish cuisine. A real taste of the sea, grilled with a little mayonnaise will delight any lover of seafood. It is also widely consumed in this area with oil, garlic and parsley. Restaurants like Acanthum and El Vaquero, in the same capital, specialise in cooking this product. Come and try roe and remember that they are similar to caviar, so every bite is guaranteed to be delicious.

Huevas rebozadas. Foto: aquisecocina.blogspot.com

Huevas rebozadas. Foto: aquisecocina.blogspot.com

5.       Fish in Conil

One of the most widespread traditional in the Costa de la Luz and especially in Conil de la Frontera is the cones of fried fish. They give you a portion in a brown paper cone and you can walk around the city while you’re eating it. You can also sit al fresco on a bench or wait for nightfall and eat your fish for dinner while facing the sea. To try this fried fish, you can go to the Cervecería Almadraba, the Friduría Zapola or many other establishments both at the Puerta “Cai” and on the street Cádiz.

Foto: cosasdecome.es

Foto: cosasdecome.es

6.       Fried anchovies in Málaga

Fried anchovies from Málaga are one of the most typical dishes in the area. The Costa del Sol is famous for its fried fish but anchovies are consumed more often by locals and visitors. At the restaurant El Tintero, in the Málaga area of El Palo, the waiters walk around with plates in hand and whoever wants any can ask for them. Anchovies are always eaten first. We recommend that you try this place or the Pimpi Florida in the same neighbourhood, where you can also taste this speciality although in a more festive atmosphere.


7.       Shrimp Cakes in Cádiz

If you travel to the province of Cádiz this summer, try the shrimp cakes. This Cádiz specialty is unique and has its own personality. This small crustacean has an intense flavour and it’s almost like eating the sea. Despite being smaller than the prawn, they have a strong presence in any dish. This seafood is often cooked with wheat flour and chickpea, forming the famous cakes. This is a delicacy that you will like and which will leave you with an exquisite memory. Visit the restaurants Elcano, Arte Serrano or La Bodega in the capital to try it.


8.       Punta Umbria Market

The market at Punta Umbria in Huelva is an ideal place to get the best and freshest seafood. The fishermen go out to sea and return with goods for sale and consumption. If you’re in the area on holiday, come and see the environment and buy something if you want to eat some of the best food around. You can take advantage of your visit to explore the city and take a dip on one of its beaches. In the local restaurants you can try this seafood without having to touch a pan. Delightful Mediterranean cuisine.


9.       Fried Cuttlefish in El Rompido

Huelva, the province of seafood, has another of its specialities in El Rompido, fried cuttlefish. The good thing about this place is that, in addition to this food, it has a natural landscape and a unique setting to enjoy. This mollusc is so famous in the Huelva province that they are known affectionately as “choqueros”. This mollusc is smooth in texture and you will love it. We recommend trying it in the Beach Club del Hotel Fuerte El Rompido and bathing in the clear waters of its pristine beaches.

Foto: azulpurpuranuria.blogspot.com

Foto: azulpurpuranuria.blogspot.com

10.   Fried snakelocks anemone from Cadiz

Although not a fish or seafood correctly speaking, anemones are something you shouldn’t miss if you go to the province of Cádiz. This species of marine animal is eaten a lot in the capital of the province and its surrounding towns. If you want to try it, we recommend Casa Tino in Cádiz or the restaurant La Fontanilla in Conil. An original dish that will surprise you.

Foto: ortiguillas.com

Foto: ortiguillas.com


If you want to try these popular fish and seafood dishes in Andalucia, we recommend a stay at the hotel chain Fuerte Hoteles. They feature excellent service, are leaders in quality according to Tripadvisor, and are supported by over 50 years’ worth of experience, so they are the best choice for your holidays. Marbella, Conil, Grazalema, El Rompido, Estepona or Torrox are some sites where you can find these great places to eat and buy fish and seafood.

Fuerte Conil

Fuerte Conil

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