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10 Holy Week processions in Andalucia you can’t afford to miss

Holy Week is one of the most deeply rooted traditions in Spain and each year, it attracts thousands of worshippers in the streets, along with tourists who come to experience these emotional days. The images are walked along the streets in procession and everything surrounding this custom is full of art and beauty. Andalucia is the stand-out area in Spain due to its unique and intense treatment of these days. Each procession has its idiosyncrasies. Here is a selection of ten processions that you shouldn’t miss if you are travelling south:

Easter Offer in Andalucia

1. El Cautivo de Málaga (The Captive of Malaga)

Nuestro Padre Jesús Cautivo de Málaga (Our Lord Jesus, the Captive of Malaga) is the most revered image in the province. This work by sculptor José Gabriel Martín Simón gathers over a million people every year in the streets of the capital of the Costa del Sol. During the procession, the Lord of Málaga’s characteristic white tunic moves in such a way that it looks like it is really walking.  If you come to the province, make sure you’re here on Easter Monday so you can contemplate the beauty of this sculpture and all the devotion that surrounds it.


El Cautivo de Málaga (The Captive of Malaga)

2. La “Madrugá” de Sevilla (The “Dawn” of Seville)

The “Dawn” of Seville takes place overnight from Holy Thursday to Good Friday and is the most special time during Holy Week. Two extreme devotion Virgins come out onto the street: one is the Esperanza Macarena (Our Lady of Hope Macarena), the other the Esperanza de Triana (Our Lady of Hope, Triana). The faithful wait all night, especially for these two images. Another unmissable procession is that of the Great Power, called the “Lord of Seville”, which draws the looks and prayers of all Seville in its path.

la madruga sevilla

La “Madrugá” de Sevilla (The “Dawn” of Seville)

3. The Legionaries of Málaga

This procession is the most colourful and well-known in the province. It takes place on Holy Thursday and, in the morning, the 3rd Legion Tercio Don Juan de Austria of the Spanish Legion lands. After lighting the Christ of Mena and once night has fallen, legionaries accompany this procession to the sound of military anthems. This is a must- visit spot if you are in Málaga during Holy Week.

los legionarios malaga

The Legionaries of Málaga

4. The Silence of Granada

This procession is one of the most beautiful in Andalucia, not only for the quality of the image of the crucified Christ, but also by the unique setting of the city of Granada. At the foot of the Alhambra, on the slope of the Darro, can be seen this solemn float. One of the most outstanding features is the silence kept by both the penitent and the faithful in its path, only broken by the sound of the drum. Both the public and private lighting on its way is switched off so the image illuminated only by candlelight.

silencio granada

The Silence of Granada

5. El Rico de Málaga

Holy Wednesday is a very special day in the capital of the Costa del Sol. At night “El Rico”, a Nazarene work by sculptor José Navas Parejo, goes out in a procession. Legend has it that, during the reign of Charles III of Spain, a great plague struck the city, leaving the float without men to carry it. Some prisoners were released from prison to carry it and were then taken back to their cells. For this reason, every year, a man is released from prison by the image during Holy Week and blesses all people in Málaga thanks to an articulated arm. Don’t miss this procession if you are on the Costa del Sol during Holy Week.

el rico

El Rico de Málaga

6. The Borriquita of Cádiz

Palm Sunday is a special day of Holy Week, especially for children. In Cádiz, there is a procession for “la Borriquita” which was the first confraternity to leave from a church in the city. Children get together with olive branches and palms and accompany the float symbolising the entry of Jesus into Nazareth. Don’t miss this beautiful procession if you spend a few days on the coast of Cádiz.

la_borriquita cadiz

The Borriquita of Cádiz

7. La Holy Supper in Huelva

The most brotherly and fervent area in Huelva is El Polvorín, from where the Huelva Holy Supper procession leaves. Palm Sunday is the day on which the capital of the province represents that significant New Testament scene. Founded in 1948 by a group of town hall officials, this step brings together a large number of the faithful every year to come and watch it leave. If you’re in Huelva during Holy Week, don’t miss one of its most significant events.

sagrada cena huelva

La Holy Supper in Huelva

8. The Christ of the Gypsies in Granada

The Christ of the Gypsies in Granada is one of the more striking images in the area in which the procession passes and because of the tradition which surrounds it. Sacromonte is a beautiful and unique area of the city, and at the foot of it is the Alhambra. As they pass, gypsies light fires and sing flamenco to the image of their most fervent devotion. A procession definitely worth seeing if you pass through Granada during Holy Week.

los gitanos granada

The Christ of the Gypsies in Granada

9. Passion Week in Antequera

Antequera is one of the Andalusian cities with the most religious tradition. The town has 33 religious buildings, including monasteries, churches and chapels, assets which mix well with the beauty of its surroundings. To all this we must add that Antequera is home to Andalusian goldsmiths who have participated in the work of countless floats throughout the region. If you are in the province of Málaga for Holy Week, come to Antequera. The solemnity of these floats and the size of their images will give you fond memories of this Spanish tradition.

semana santa antequera

Passion Week in Antequera

10. The Virgin of Zamarrilla in Málaga

The Virgin of Zamarrilla is one of the best-known and most widely-followed images in the city, especially due to its legend. It is said that a bandit entered the church fleeing the Civil Guard and hid under the skirts of the Mother of God. When the Guard left, the villain, in gratitude, drove a white flower with a dagger into the chest of the Virgin, turning it red. If you are in Málaga for Holy Week, don’t miss this procession on Holy Thursday where you can see all the iconography that surrounds this legend for yourself.

virgen de zamarrilla

The Virgin of Zamarrilla in Málaga

If you’re wondering where to go for Holy Week this year, Andalucia is an excellent choice. Its tradition and passion will captivate you from the first in one of the most important times of the year for the Spanish people.


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