10 reasons to take olive oil

The properties of olive oil are directly related to the benefits it brings to health. The higher quality of the olive oil we consume, the greater benefits we get for our health. And its quality depends on the properties of each of the olive oils that exist in the market.

The extra virgin olive oil of higher quality is the one produced in Andalusia. On the other hand, Andalusia is the largest producer of oil at worldwide.

The properties of olive oil are determined by three factors: first, the variety of olives used for processing; the second is the way the oil is processed, and finally, the procedures used for storage also influence in their properties. So not all olive oils have identical quality or identical properties.

Depending on the way the olive oil is processed, we will find different types: extra virgin olive oil (AOVE), which has the highest quality, virgin olive oil and olive oil, among others.

Some properties of olive oil are determined largely by the type of olive used for its manufacture. Its flavour is one of the organoleptic properties of olive oil, along with aroma and colour.

The varieties of olives that can be used to obtain olive oil are many, among the most popular and used in Andalusia are the picual olive, hojiblanca and lechín. Each of them is cultivated in different provinces of Andalusia.


Benefits and properties of olive oil - extra virgin Olive Oil


10 Benefits of olive oil in your health

To obtain most of the benefits from using olive oil, choose the one of the highest quality: the extra virgin olive oil. Try those made with different varieties of olives, and choose the one whose taste you like the most. From the most bitter fruity to the sweetest, passing through those with a slight almonds aftertaste.

Different scientific studies have concluded that using olive oil provides several health benefits. Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, among others, help prevent different cardiovascular diseases, among others.

Here is a list of 10 benefits of olive oil:

  1. Reduces bad cholesterol in blood.
  2. Decreases blood pressure.
  3. Improves the control of diabetes.
  4. It decreases the tendency to develop thrombosis.
  5. It has anti-inflammatory effects.
  6. Helps prevent cancer.
  7. Stops the aging of cells.
  8. In pregnant women, it favours the good development of the foetus.
  9. It favours the absorption of calcium and, therefore, the good condition of the bones.
  10. It reduces the risk of suffering from different cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases.


Where to buy the best extra virgin olive oils?

The greatest health benefits of olive oil are obtained by consuming extra virgin olive oil. Here we present you some establishments where you can choose from a select range of brands of this gold green liquid.


El Almacén del Indiano, in Málaga

Benefits and properties of olive oil - tienda el almacen del indiano malaga

The typical grocery store where you can taste and buy an exquisite selection of extra virgin olive oils, as well as wines, artisan beers, hams, chacinas, cheeses, Andalusian pickles and from other places in Spain.

Many Thursdays, starting at 9 pm, they organize tastings of extra virgin olive oil from different places of our country.

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La Princesa, in Málaga

Benefits and properties of olive oil - tienda la princesa malaga

It’s one of the most well-known shops of Malaga; it specializes in typical products of the province of Malaga, among them, its extra virgin olive oils and its famous wines.

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Extravirgen Olive Oil Store, in Málaga

Benefits and properties of olive oil - tienda extravirgen olive malaga

A small shop dedicated to extra virgin olive oil of great quality. They sell products of more than 300 of the best brands of AOVE (Extra Virgin Olive Oil), mostly Andalusian. They have a space for the tasting of oil by their customers.

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Casa Manuela, in Nerja

Benefits and properties of olive oil - Casa Manuela

A vintage-style food store where you will find good extra virgin olive oils as well as organic products

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The best virgin olive oils in the world are Andalucian, which ones should we try?



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    Thanks for this article as I am starting to learn more about olives. We usually buy our olive oil from good friends who have olive trees and you can definitely taste the difference from store bought ones.

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