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    Cycling holidays in Huelva: 10 unmissable cycling routes

    Cicloturismo en Huelva

    Huelva is a place worth discovering. This province is home to many corners of unparalleled beauty just waiting to be enjoyed. The province’s inhabitants know only too well that it has high value natural areas. One of the best ways to enjoy them is on a cycling holiday, an outdoor activity that allows you to not only keep fit, but also to see spots that you would probably ordinarily not encounter.

    Cycling in Huelva is one of the activities with more fans. The feeling of freedom, the physical benefits, being able to stop when you feel like it to delight in the landscape and enjoying the company of friends and family are just some of the advantages of cycling. All this has led cycling to become ever more fashionable. Furthermore, cycling in Huelva is an amazing way to travel and unlike what many might say, you don’t need to cycle for long periods or have the latest in technology to enjoy this adventure.


    Cycling rules to bear in mind

    While we all know it is quite different travelling by bike in the city, the countryside or on a main road, it is no less true that there are a series of rules and above all recommendations that we should all take into account when it comes to doing this sport safely for us and for those around us. Here are the most important ones:


    What you should check before you set off on your bike



    After reading the recommendations that you need to bear in mind before starting your route, here is a selection of 10 routes for all tastes and levels to inspire you to discover Huelva in general and El Rompido and its surroundings in particular.


    Islantilla – El Rompido

    This 48-mile cycling route designed for mountain bikes starts in Islantilla and runs along rural paths near places as emblematic as El Terrón, Lepe, Cartaya and El Rompido. To do this route, you do not need to be really fit, but you do need some experience, since it is quite long.



    Hotel Fuerte El Rompido – Huelva

    While this route is 31 miles long, it is very accessible to do slowly since it is suitable for all levels. It starts at the Hotel Fuerte el Rompido and allows you to enjoy areas as beautiful as El Odiel Salt Marshes.



    Islantilla – Río Piedras

    This 37-mile route starts in Islantilla and runs along several sections of the River Piedras, arriving at the river’s reservoir. It is worth mentioning that it passes by the Puente de La Tavirona (old bridge of the railway line that connected Huelva with Ayamonte).




    Islantilla – Sendero Litoral – Lepe

    This route is one of the shortest of them all at just 14.3 miles. It starts in Islantilla and arrives at Lepe via a route that visits places like Playa de Nueva Umbría and Puerto del Terrón. We recommend you make a mandatory stop so that you can enjoy views like the River Piedras Salt Marshes Natural Site and Flecha del Rompido.



    Aljaraque- Portil – El Rompido – Río Piedras

    Another relatively short route is this one that runs between Aljaraque and the River Piedras. It is an 18-mile circuit that is fairly simple and very enjoyable, although we do advise that when you pass through Caño de la Culata you get off the bike and do this section on foot.



    Ruta El Portil – Pinar – El Rompido

    Now let’s talk about a route around 22 miles long that crosses the pine forest and arrives at the River Piedras Salt Marshes. If you opt for this route, you will enjoy stunning landscapes that will make quite an impression.




    El Rompido – Pinares de Cartaya – Mirador Flecha del Rompido

    This route is the shortest of all the ones we recommend at just under 10 miles long. It starts at the Hotel Fuerte El Rompido itself and we have to cycle in the direction of the petrol station located at the El Rompido exit, continue along Cañada de Velasco that will take us through the pine forests to Malpica, where the path transforms into a trail until it reaches El Portil. After a brief urban tour, we arrive at the viewpoint of the River Piedras Salt Marshes Natural Site and Flecha del Rompido.



    Islantilla – Final playa Flecha del Rompido

    Now let’s talk about an 18.6 miles route which is one of the most particular ones we will show here, since it can only be completed at low tide, which is when you can cycle to the end, except in one section where you have to get off your bike since the sand is too soft. Over time you will also be able to confirm that the beach gets bigger each year, so it is a route that will be longer each year (one year by up to 328 ft). When you finish this route you must wash your bike thoroughly so that its components do not get ruined, since sand mixed with seawater can erode your bike.



    El Rompido – San Bartolomé de la Torre – Aljaraque – Portil Circular Route

    A very easy main road cycling route, even if it is almost 50 miles long. It is ideal for starting the season, and since it is a figure of eight, it can be shortened in the second stage through Cartaya. Another option is to do it on two separate occasions. It crosses pine farming fields and ends parallel to the coast, from where you can enjoy the amazing views of Flecha del Rompido.




    El Rompido – Isla Cristina Circular Route

    This 50 mile route starts at El Rompido and runs in the direction of Cartaya. We will cross the River Piedras Natural Site and return to the coast via Lepe in order to return again via the motorway to Cartaya and El Rompido.



    Ultimately, Huelva province is an ideal place to get into cycling, since its routes are pretty, comfortable, doable at all levels and, above all, fun, which is what doing sport is all about.


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    Fuerte Hoteles is the best accommodation option if you decide to take a cycling tour of Huelva province. The Hotel Fuerte El Rompido is one of the most beautiful hotels in the area due to its spectacular location on a hill that dominates the entire River Piedras Natural Site, in addition to an Andalusian aesthetic architecture that is in harmony with its environment. An ideal spot for relaxation and sport surrounded by nature.


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