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    Family holidays: the best plans in Andalucia to enjoy with your children

    Travelling is always the perfect option to take a break from the routine and with holidays on the horizon, all families start planning a few days of rest and relaxation so that the littlest ones can have a great time. So, if you’re thinking about a family break to forget about the routine but you don’t really know where to go, we have the answer! Andalucia is the perfect destination for making plans with the youngest members of the family.

    Andalucia, thanks to its varied geography and a large mix of cultures, offers hundreds of options to travel with the family members who rule the roost.




    Animals at Selwo Aventura

    Estepona is home to one of the most famous animal parks in Spain: Selwo Aventura. Over 2,000 animals from around the world live in this large territory in conditions similar to their natural habitat and in semi freedom, including elephants, Bengal tigers, giraffes, white rhinos, lions and even Kanvar, the only Asian elephant born in Spain. Take your children to this site so they can see on foot or from trucks the diversity of flora and fauna that inhabits this enclosure. For the littlest ones there are Nature Classrooms and Summer Camps.

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    Oasys Amusement Park

    This is the perfect option if you want to spend a weekend in Almería province and also want to enjoy something different. Oasys is an amusement park located in the middle of the desert. It has two very different parts: the first corresponds to scenes from westerns and the second is an animal reserve that can be toured.

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    Isla Mágica

    Isla Mágica is an amusement park located in the city of Seville, more specifically in La Cartuj. Its setting is the discovery of America and it has six themed zones and one water zone called Magical Water. What’s interesting is that it was the first urban amusement park in the world, since these types of parks are usually located far from city centres.

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    Bioparc Fuengirola

    If you have not been and are in the vicinity of Málaga province, come to Fuengirola and visit the Bioparc. It is a new zoo concept where all the animals live in their natural habitat, so it is well worth a visit and visits can be made at different times of the day to see the animals with different biorhythms.

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    Tívoli Amusements

    El Tívoli is the amusement park par excellence on the Costa del Sol which also offers numerous concerts and shows. Fun is guaranteed by the wide range of offerings with something for everyone: speed, walking, water and adventure. Be sure to visit this place with your children, where you can have a great time. There are also a wide range of food options, so you can spend all day there without worrying about anything. A fun day in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea.

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    Karting in Cartaya

    The Cartaya Karting Track offers all those who want to demonstrate their skills behind the wheel the chance to enjoy speed with safety. To accelerate, you just need to be the minimum height to reach the pedal which is generally 6 or 7 years old. There are kids’ karts for the little ones, adult karts for the oldies and even competition karts for professionals or aspiring professionals wishing to train. Experience with your children the excitement of the steering wheel in a safe manner and, if you are in the vicinity of Huelva province during these holidays, sign up for some races.

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    Adventure Games, Marbella

    The adventurous spirit can be shared between parents and children. Marbella has an adventure park, Amazonia, where just 1,640 feet from the beach is a wide variety of trees where they can play and 20 zipline circuits that are also adapted for children. The MiniKids zone offers adventure games, a craft workshop and a zipline for children from 4 to 7. It also operates as a creche service for any parents who want to do the zipline circuits and do not have anywhere to leave their kids. Secrete some adrenalin with your children in an unforgettable experience.

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    Cabo de Gata (Almería)

    Cabo de Gata is a universe apart. It is a small piece of the Sahara in southern Europe. Cabo de Gata is the only natural park in Europe that protects a desert Mediterranean climate sea and land ecological system. It contains 69,200 acres of seabed, volcanic mountains, cliffs, fossil dunes, virgin beaches, coastal steppe and salt marshes, where thousands of migratory birds take shelter every year.

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    Doñana (Huelva)

    This is nature’s sanctuary par excellence not only in Andalucia, but in the whole country. It is a huge wetland situated between Huelva, Seville and Cádiz provinces. Due to its unparalleled geographic location between two continents and its proximity to the site where the Atlantic Ocean joins the Mediterranean Sea, around 00 different species of birds can be seen in this site year round.

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    Grazalema (Cádiz)

    The Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park covers around 123,553 acres and is home to the Pinsapar de Benamahoma, a fabulous fir forest which survived the ice age. This park has an annual average of 2,000 litres per m2, the highest rainfall in the entire peninsula. In addition to the White Village Route, you can enjoy other activities like spelunking, climbing or horseback riding.

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    Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas (Jaén)

    Cazorla is the biggest protected space in Spain and the second in Europe. It is a Biosphere Reserve, Natural Park and Special Bird Protection Zone. It also has the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism Certificate issued by the Federation of National and Natural Parks of Europe.

    It is an ideal setting for a large number of natural activities: hiking along the river Borosa, a boat trip through Tranco Reservoir, seeing the Chorro Gil Waterfall, admiring the El Guadalquivir and el Segura sources, or even free flying in El Yelmo.

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    Sierra Nevada

    Sierra Nevada is home to the highest peaks in the whole of the Iberian Peninsula (Mulhacén and Veleta). It was declared a Unesco Biosphere Reserve in 1986 thanks to its great natural wealth and in 1999 was declared a National Park thanks to its botanical, landscape and natural values.

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    Things to do

    Swimming with sea lions, Benalmádena (Málaga)

    It consists of swimming for half an hour with these lovely playful animals and witnessing their acrobatic qualities. Children will discover that they can sing, that their skin is soft and that they have eyelashes, and also test their great intelligence through multiple games. They are accompanied by a specialist carer at all times. If you want to experience this adventure, pay a visit to Selwo Marina in Benalmádena, where you can also meet others sea animals up close and enter the penguin enclosure that will transport you to other faraway latitudes.

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    Whale watching (Cádiz)

    This is an educational experience that seeks to promote respecting and caring for the environment. The boats have a professional sea crew and the excursions are guided by whale specialists who help the passengers to find the animals and interpret their behaviour. A spectacular experience where you can learn in an understandable way about the ins and outs of marine mammals.

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    Hiking in Grazalema

    The Sierra de Grazalema is one of the most important natural treasures in Spain, which is home to the Spanish fir, a species of Mediterranean fir that is unique in the world and thrives in this site. An ideal place to fill the lungs with oxygen and explore hiking routes with your children in the company of nature and the rich fauna of this enclave. We recommend you do the Llano del Rabel trail. It is an almost flat route that allows anyone to get to know the heart of the Grazalema Natural Park and see the Spanish fir forest.

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    Kids Rafting

    Kids rafting consists of descents on rafts designed specifically for children, an activity which will enhance values like camaraderie, integration, teamwork, equality and coexistence. Children aged 9 to 13 can delve into a world of excitement along the River Genil at San Marcos Caves in Málaga. They are supervised at all times by a monitor and the tour is simple so that no risk is involved. A new accessible experience that stirs passion in youngsters and puts a smile on their faces. The adults can also do their own circuit on the water, but at a higher level. Enjoy this adventurous activity this summer with your children.

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    Cycling in natural Estepona

    Estepona is not just a city rich in traditional Andalucian beauty and gardens that make it stand out on the Costa del Sol, but also for its beautiful coastline and natural wealth. It is precisely in the heart of the latter setting where “Natural Estepona” is born, a new programme set up that joins hiking routes with those that cover over 110 miles of enclaves of Estepona nature. If you are near this beautiful city we recommend you pick up some bikes as a family and do the Puerto de la Artesa route, an easy return coastline path that will show you the Mediterranean flora while you cycle.

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    Horseback riding in Conil

    Another activity you can do with your children in a relaxed way is horseback riding along the impressive coastline of Conil in Cádiz. The sea breeze will accompany you on the route and if you have never ridden a horse, you will receive instruction on handling a horse so you can look after yourself during the ride. Horses are a calming influence, in fact several curative therapies like equine therapy use horses. A mixture of tranquility and beauty that you cannot miss in this traditional Andalucian village of white houses.

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    Villages to visit


    Frigiliana is undoubtedly one of the most charming villages in Málaga. It is a wonderful destination to visit with children. The narrow alley, terraced facades, etc. are the Arabic legacy that time has bequeathed this village.

    Its streets and small avenues are the perfect place for amazing family strolls, where you can pay a visit to areas like the Fuente Vieja, the Real Expósito and the Palacio de los Condes.

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    Grazalema is located in the heart of the Sierra that bears the same name, a village that is home to years of history and that combines popular architecture with impressive monumental wealth. But what children might most enjoy is undoubtedly the “bandits festival” that is held in October.

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    Setenil de las Bodegas

    This is a municipality situated in Cádiz that is very famous for being home to something very particular: the streets of the Cuevas del Sol and the Cuevas de la Sombra which are found under a large rock that gives the impression that it will fall when we pass.

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    This is a village whose location enables you to enjoy both beach and mountain landscapes. In addition to the beaches, undoubtedly a great attraction for all tourists, you can also enjoy its multitude of monuments that make it a unique destination. These include the La Granja Aqueduct, the San José Hospital and the Convent of Our Lady of the Snows. You will also know it quickly for the 600 umbrellas hanging from its square when the heat comes.

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    Beaches to visit with children


    La Barrosa

    This sandy area is located in Chiclana. It is an urban beach and although it attracts quite a lot of visitors, its size ensures that you will not be uncomfortable. It is ideal for families looking for peace and quiet and a relaxing time.

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    This is another urban beach, although undoubtedly one of the most special and famous on the Costa de la Luz.

    It is a family beach with a lot of amenities, since both the Caño Guerrero and the Torrelahiguera areas have a large number of attractions.

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    La Herradura

    This is the main beach in Almuñécar. It is pretty big (over 1 mile long and 130 feet wide), with dark earth and shaped like a horseshoe, hence its name. It is traditionally a family beach and while it is frequented by many divers, it has a promenade with a children’s area and refreshments stalls.

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    Hotel Fuerte Grazalema

    If you want to carry out these activities that we offer you and devise an idyllic holiday with your children, do not hesitate to stay at the best hotels. The best option, of course, is Fuerte Hotels which also has an extensive program of activities for children. The chain has establishments where you can enjoy, in addition to its services, the best of each point of Andalusia. More than 60 years of experience are the best guarantee to dedicate your time to your family. Conil, Grazalema, El Rompido or Torrox are some enclaves where you can find these amazing accommodations.

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