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    The Golf Coast: we show you 10 health benefits of playing this sport

    Costa del Golf, Costa del Sol

    Costa del Golf, Costa del Sol

    The 300 plus sunny days a year enjoyed by the Malagan coast make this outdoor exercise one of its cities’ main attractions. The star sport of the Málaga province is undoubtedly golf, which is why the Costa del Sol is known all over the world as the Golf Coast. If you are looking for a destination with a good climate, where you can play sport this autumn, be sure to visit this part of southern Spain and enjoy its magnificent golf courses and this sport’s many health benefits.

    1.     Cardiovascular system

    Golf saludable

    This sport is highly beneficial for the health of the cardiovascular system and is especially recommended from the age of 40. Blood pressure falls during the course of the game and the walking involved helps maintain the heart. Exercise your body and don’t miss out on playing this sport in the best setting.

    2.     Tones muscle

    Golf para la salud

    Golf is a great help for toning muscle, especially in the arms, back, chesddt, abdominals and lower back. The turns you make to hit the ball also serve to tone the waist and you will feel in good shape without even realising it. Have a go and enjoy the surroundings.

    3.     Oxygenates the blood

    Golf, Marbella.

    Golf is a very attractive sport due to the conditions in which it is played. The water, the lawn, the comfortable clothes and the natural settings make it a relaxing exercise where you can breathe in fresh air and oxygenate the blood. All this also helps your organism to synthesise vitamin D. Don’t miss out; enjoy the Malagan coast’s spacious green golf courses.

    4.     Burns calories

    Even if it seems that you are not doing any exercise because of this sport’s low intensity, your body is still in constant movement and this helps you lose weight. During a game you walk between greens and sand bunkers—an average of 4 to 6 miles with gentle slopes—which means that you can burn 400 to 700 calories, making it a good option for getting in shape in a relaxed way.

    5.     Strengthens the mind

    Beneficios del Golf

    Golf not only involves exercising the body, but also the mind. This sport requires a lot of concentration, discipline and a high capacity for analysis, and is a foolproof way to disconnect from your worries and test your brain cells. You have to be strategic and think about how you can get the ball in the hole from a long distance, which really helps develop your mental abilities.

     6.     Low intensity


    For those who don’t like physical exercise, golf is a great solution because it is a low intensity activity. The long walks and gentle turns and movements make it a sport that does not require much effort, but tones muscle and helps blood flow. If you can’t be bothered with sport, take up golf. It is the perfect combination that will give you a new way to stay in shape.

    7.     Prevents depression

    Golf sport

    Golf combines several factors that make the body secrete the happiness hormone because it is a high quality sport and makes you concentrate and block out the outside world. Leave your problems to one side and take up golf to prevent depression, anxiety and stress. And if you add the high quality golf courses on the Costa del Sol, success is guaranteed.

    8.     Ideal for children

    This sport is considered a great family activity. In fact, many of the golf courses on the Malagan coast have mini courses adapted for children. Similarly, golf encourages socialisation and the development of important bonds with other children. It also incentivises personal development, where children enjoy breaking their own records and it fosters fair play among participants.

    9.     Triglyceride control

    Campo de Golf en Marbella

    Keeping cholesterol and triglycerides under control is important for many. This is another of the advantages of golf you can enjoy. A study conducted in Germany observed that triglycerides fell by 18% during a game and HDL cholesterol (the good one) rose by 6%.

    10.  The older person’s sport

    Golf senior.

    The stable rhythm of golf with its minimal impact on bones and joints and accessible physical demands make it highly recommended, even for older people. It is also an excellent option for those with heart problems or issues with the musculoskeletal system because it is a dynamic, but at the same time a low intensity sport.

    So, if you’re looking for a destination for this autumn, be sure to visit the Golf Coast. As well as the great climate, you will benefit from all the advantages of practicing this sport on what are considered the best courses in Europe. A great getaway for you to disconnect and get in shape—don’t miss out!


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