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    Travelling with kids: good ideas for a family holiday in Sierra de Grazalema

    Sierra de Grazalema Clima

    The Sierra de Grazalema is perfect for travelling with children, we assure you that these family vacations will not be easy to forget. If you like to explore and experience new and exciting outdoor adventures, there is a different option for each day in Grazalema.

    It’s unforgivable not to visit!



    Grazalema blankets have a lot of history, are manufactured from the eighteenth century in this town of Cadiz, which came to be up to 10 factories. One of the main reasons is due to the abundance of grasses that grow in the region and in the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park, due to heavy rains, which results in the production of a fibre of higher quality by sheep.

    The factory has a textile museum composed of old machinery that can be visited during working hours Monday through Friday, it is on the way towards the petrol station on the outskirts of the village.

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    If there is an essential Andalusian cheese that must be in any shop, that is the papoyo cheese from Sierra de Grazalema, the rainiest area in Spain. This Andalusian product is already in London’s Harrods’s stores or specialty stores in the United States.

    We recommend you visit Villaluenga, because even being the smallest town of the province, you will be able to find the world’s most awarded payoya goat cheese, cured between mountains to achieve its unique taste. There are fresh, semi-cured, cured and the most popular ones, those covered in butter, cheese and rosemary butter. Do not leave town without trying them, here are some places where you can get them:

    A route to enjoy the best cheese in the world, the Payoyo cheese



    The opening hours to see the Grazalema blanket factory are:
    Monday to Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
    Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

    Secuestro de Bandoleros (Kidnapping Bandits) Tours is a thematic adventure that immerses you in the eighteenth century. This adventure takes place on the lands of the Duchy. You will have the opportunity to “meet” historical figures such as the Duke of Ahumada and Jose Maria “El Tempranillo”.

    The descendants of the bandit and the Duke have decided to recall the time when the bandits crossed the lands of Villamartin, sheltered by Sierra de Cadiz.

    You wil have the pleasure of meeting the family at the Ducal Palace, an extraordinary building that was about to disappear behind the attack of the French armies of Napoleon. Its historical and cultural value is priceless.

    In this activity that will delight young and old, you will relive the kidnapping of the bandits, but instead of suffering indignities like in the old times, you can experience the “bandits party”, a unique event that can only be enjoyed here. During this celebration you will enjoy a sample of dance and flamenco, accompanied, of course, by rich delicacies washed down with chamomile and fine drinks.

    Historical recreation full of color and tradition: visit the Romantic Ronda



    During a visit to the Botanical Garden El Castillejo, you can see some of the most interesting plants of the Andalusian nature: the Spanish fir, the Mediterranean spruce that lives only in Sierra de Grazalema, Sierra de las Nieves and Sierra Bermeja; or the Grazalema Poppy, endemism found only in the mountains to which owes its name.

    Castillejo Botanical Garden also offers free guided tours for anyone who is interested. Tthroughout the year, they also organise a series of free activities such as workshops and conferences, on weekends, its plants and the relationships of these with other living beings, including man .

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    In Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park it is possible to observe a great diversity of birds (over 200 species), ranging from the majestic griffon vulture, through the vigilant booted eagle or the small and vivacious tits, wagtails and little owls.



    Ronda is a charming town to visit. This monumental city is considered one of the most beautiful and interesting in the province of Malaga. Remember to check out:


    1. Tajo de Ronda

    This 500 m long and 100 deep majestic gorge surprises the traveller with stunning views.



    2. Bullring

    The Plaza de Toros de Ronda, its history and its architecture, its character and beauty are recognized as one of the oldest in Spain and one of the biggest in the world.



    3. Walls and Islamic Doors

    At one time the Muslim Medina stood, clearly defined both by the natural barrier of the gorge carved by the river Guadalevín as well as by the very walls of the city.



    Ronda Day Trip: what to see and do in the dreamy city of El Tajo




    1. Hotel Fuerte Grazalema – Laguna del Río Campobuche Trail

    It will leave the hotel along the driveway and will have to cross the main road, heading to your right and twisting by the second lane on the left. After a few meters the road opens in two, you will have to take the left path. Walk along this path for 2 km until you reach a large level area, surrounded by the Campobuche or Gaduares river. At this point to your right, you can observe ruins and one of the largest cork trees around the Natural Park, known as the ‘Alcornoque de las Ánimas’. Before crossing the bridge, the path that brought you to this point will turn left onto a narrow path that follows the Campobuche river. About 300 meters away, parallel to the river, you will find a wired fence which you must leave as you found it: open or closed. The path runs through a Mediterranean forest of corks and oak trees, always along the banks of Gaduares River, which you will cross several times.

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    2. Llano del Rabel or del Revés Trail

    Within the Integral Reserve Park is one of the most spectacular trails. Surrounded by vulture nests, visit the fir forest towards the end of the trail, which has one of the best panoramic views of the park. It is an almost plain path that allows anyone unexperienced visit the heart of the Natural Park of Grazalema. It is a road without specific difficulties, especially for the smallest of the house.

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    3. Majaceite River trail

    This trail runs along the banks of the river Majaceite (locally called rio El Bosque) to descend to the town of El Bosque. You will walk the path of the river enjoying its small waterfalls, rapids and small ponds. It is highly recommended for its outstanding natural beauty and the chance to the ecosystems of the area.

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    Put on your boots and explore the 20 best Grazalema hiking trails





    1. Vía Verde de la Sierra

    The preferred choice of family sports are cycling routes such as the ones offered by the Vía Verde de la Sierra. This pathway is an old disused railway infrastructure modified for tourist use located between Olvera, Puerto Serrano and Algodonales where you can enjoy a hiking route, a bike ride or go for a ride. It is an exceptional route, which runs parallel to the banks of many rivers, going through such spectacular places like the Rock of Zaframagón, one of the most populated vulture reserves in Europe that will make an unforgettable family day.

    Via Verde de la Sierra, one of the best options for cycling in Andalucia



    Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park is a natural area where you can enjoy many outdoor activities as a family. Among the most prominent ones we find water activities in the Recreation Area Arroyomolinos, located just at the base of Sierra de Monte Prieto, only about 300 meters away from Cueva del Susto, kissing the banks of the swamp, in the Natural Park.

    It is a wide space between orchards and fruit trees that have taken advantage of the river to create a small artificial beach and where, especially in the summer months, you can enjoy the tranquillity that this place offers.

    This area has a bar- restaurant and a beach bar by the pool side. Also the bathing area has staff specialized in water rescue and first aid, the water is treated and in perfect conditions, the temperature is ideal for calming the intense heat of the summer months, plus you can rent chairs and horses to enjoy the surroundings. In addition to the above, the area has the attraction “El Bbosque Suspendido” with zip lines, ladders, suspended scales..

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    Where to stay

    Hotel Fuerte Grazalema

    The best choice for a great family vacation is staying at Fuerte Grazalema hotel. This hotel, one of the most recommended places in the area for its quality, tradition and service, has become a place to stay in at least once in your lifetime. It also has a small farm, spacious rooms, a restaurant with a unique view and a cuisine based on local products. Pets are also allowed.

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