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    The Route of Mantecado: the sweetest taste of Andalucia for Christmas

    Mantecados y Polvorones en navidad

    As Christmas approaches, the unmistakable scent of “mantecados” (shortbread) fills the streets of Andalucia, creating a magical and festive atmosphere. These typical seasonal sweets have become one of the main tourist attractions of winter in southern Spain, and their production is a true art that has been perfected over generations. In particular, the cities of Estepa, Antequera, and Rute are considered genuine epicenters of this tradition, where “mantecado” factories have kept an ancestral culinary heritage alive.

    Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of mantecados, one of the most iconic culinary treasures of the Christmas festivities in this region of southern Spain.



    If you visit Estepa, you can smell mantecado from the road itself. The entrance to the city is flanked by Christmas sweets factories, and you can visit the one you prefer. Although Andalucian mantecado was born in Antequera, Estepa was the first city to produce industrially. Currently the town is best known for this reason.

    One of the industries you must visit is La Estepeña. The property is huge and it has a giant Christmas tree. The boxes where the sweets are kept have traditional designs, turning them into the most delicious and elegant Christmas gifts. Besides, from one of the factory rooms you can follow Estepa mantecado’s traditional manufacturing process through moving figures which represent each one of the manufacturing stages. Across the factory we find the Museum of Chocolate, where different figures are made with this ingredient every year. The children specially enjoy the visit.

    On the other hand, if you traditional things you must visit “The Colchona”. Already in 1870, Micaela Ruiz started commercialising these products. Her husband being a driver was also helping, as he would sell the products throughout Cordoba. Over the years it has evolved into an institution in Andalucia, specialised in this sweet Christmas art.

    Today there are 30 factories in Estepa, 20 of them are grouped in the “Cream Manufacturers Association of Estepa” AFAMES. The aims of this association include: searching for official support, advise, improving the image of products and promoting them.

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    Antequera is the home of mantecados and the place where they are still traditionally manufactured. If you approach this beautiful inland city of Malaga you will find several options to satisfy your sweet palate.

    It is a must if you come to this city to visit La Perla. This factory is one of the oldest in the area and also continue to make shortbread traditionally. So, if you visit the area you will be able to see how the women knead by hand, you will enjoy the warmth of wood stoves and the manual packaging of the finished candy. An experience that takes you back to the nineteenth century and rewards you with the wonderful taste of the final product.

    On the other hand there is La Antequera, a very respected factory in the city. For this winter season, the company has launched a novelty that has been quickly accepted by the customers who have already tried it. This is the pistachio mantecado, a delicious variety that adds to the wide range of flavours this establishment has to offer.

    You should definitely visit Antequera as part of the Mantecado route, and don’t forget to get a large bag of these sweets for your Christmas table.

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    La Flor de Rute houses one of the most important exhibitions of Andalucia mantecado. In addition to all its products, the company has sugar sculptures which are very popular within the region. Do not hesitate to stop by this spot, not only to get some mantecados, but also to try other local Christmas sweets you will love such as turrolate (a mixture of nougat and chocolate).

    Moreover, it is worth mentioning a very traditional drink of this season: anise. Here in Rute you can find a museum of this traditional drink for winter and you can take home a bottle to complement your Christmas dinner. Do not leave town without visiting the crib of chocolate, a lovely exhibition for sweet and chocolate lovers.

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    The origin of mantecado dates back to the sixteenth century, caused by the surplus of cereals and lard which flourished in the heart of Andalucia. The debate between those who think that this sweet was born in Antequera or Estepa still remains, however, it appears that it was in the city of Malaga. Antequera Town Council keeps a fresco located in the plenary hall portraying mantecados manufactured there.



    As happens with all candy, soon enough there was a huge variety of mantecados, which to this day are produced with different flavours. It’s just a matter of choosing your favourite.

    1. Crafted mantecado: molded by hand. It can include sesame and cinnamon essence.

    2. Cinnamon and sesame mantecado: with sesame and cinnamon essence, but industrially manufactured.

    3. Almond mantecado: with crushed almonds or almond powder.

    4. Double cinnamon mantecado: Antequera traditional mantecado.

    5. Chocolate mantecado: Chocolate flavoured.

    6. Lemon mantecado: with the flavour of lemon zest.

    7. Puff pastry mantecado: made of thin sheets of pastry and sprinkled with icing sugar.

    8. Pistachio mantecado: with crushed pistachio or pistachio powder


    Curiosities about Mantecados

    Andalucian mantecados have a long history and a series of interesting curiosities:

    Andalucian mantecados are a symbol of the region’s rich gastronomic tradition and a delight that both visitors and locals particularly enjoy during the holiday season.

    If you decide to spend a few days in southern Spain do not hesitate to take the Mantecado Route, definitely the sweetest route in Andalucia.


    Typical Christmas sweets in Andalucia



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