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    Fan history, use and language: what can be said with a fan?

    Historia, uso y lenguaje del abanico

    The fan, that object considered so Spanish, but which in Europe did not arrive until the 16th century when it was brought from the Far East by Portuguese merchants. In principle, this object was used to provide relief from the heat and was commonly used for both sexes. Men used smaller pocket sized ones and women larger ones, although over the years the use of the fan was exclusive to ladies, who came to develop a complicated “fan language”. Indeed, this object has always been considered an object of seduction, imagination and liberation.


    Fan history around the world

    The history of this contraption is as long and ancient as the very existence of humanity. Over the centuries, many are the countries and civilizations that have used it. Although it is thought that it was in the 15th century when the first fans arrived in China from Korea and it was from there that the great adventurers exported them to other countries, recent studies show that the first fans were introduced into Europe by the Jesuits.

    But their era of high use was actually during the reigns of Louis XIV and Louis XV, when they were totally an indispensable part of people’s dress. Very luxurious products were used (precious stones, Florentine taffeta, gold and precious metals) to make them. But it was in the 17th century when they came to England, but here they were painted by famous artists, were bigger and their rods were attached to a rigid tip.


    Parts of the fan

    Over the years, the fan was “popularised” and arrived at all social strata. Fans are made up of three parts: the rods and the pin which together form the frame, and then we need to talk about the slips


    Types of fans

    The wide range of fans has always gone hand in hand with the whims of fashion. There are all kinds, including for multiple uses which today can seem the most surprising aspect.



    Here we have spoken about some types of fans, but there are many more, such as:


    Fan language


    Let’s find out about some notions about what the secret fan language was, a language that was primarily based on how this element moved or was positioned:




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