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    10 reasons why El Rompido is not to be missed

    El Rompido is a small fishing village nestled in an extraordinary setting between a Natural Park, the Atlantic Ocean and the River Piedras. Found on the Costa de la Luz in Huelva, a few kilometres from the Portuguese border, this community has managed to conserve their maritime essence. Perfect for travellers who seek nature, tranquillity, deserted beaches, sport and tasty sea produce, El Rompido offers a distinctive type of sightseeing that is far from typical mass tourism. Here are ten reasons why you simply cannot miss it:


    1. Go to “La Flecha” Beach in El Rompido

    El Rompido´s beach is uniquely distinctive, known as “La Flecha” Beach (Literally: “Arrow” Beach); it is a stretch of golden sand dotted with dunes and vegetation with fantastic views of the Atlantic, that may only be reached by boat via the River Piedras. Thanks to this barely 5 minute journey, the paradise-like beaches, that have remained completely virgin, could be mistaken for those of the Caribbean.

    “La Flecha” Beach in El Rompido


    2. Get lost in the streets of El Rompido

    As we previously mentioned, El Rompido, belonging to the municipality of Cartaya, is a traditional modest fishing village that is defined by its typical Andalusian architecture. At the foot of the River Piedras, this community stands out thanks to its two lighthouses that tower above its skyline. The smallest, from the 19th Century, is very much a relic of the past despite being the more modern of the two. However this does not mean it is any less charming as, to this day, it continues to guide arriving ships along the Coast.

    El Rompido


    3. Take a stroll in the River Piedras Natural Park

    The River Piedras and Flecha of El Rompido Natural Park is simply an outstanding setting for all levels of hiking, Nordic walking, walking routes, biking or Segway rides. Get lost amongst its pine tree and juniper forests, explore its different trails that lead you over wooden footbridges, cross its marshlands that change the face of the landscape depending on the time of day and get the chance to see wildlife in its natural habitat.

    River Piedras Natural Park


    4. Savour the local gastronomy

    If there is one product which this area of coastline is famous for, it is definitely its seafood. How could it be anything else! Visitors cannot leave without sampling this area´s speciality: the “gambitas” (little prawns) of Huelva. This small tasty delicacy may only be compared to the area´s Iberian cured ham, which is another local emblem. Certainty no less delicious is the cuttlefish and variety of clams which may not be missed off any dinner table, of course accompanied by a great Condado white wine, the ideal local drink to complement seafood.

    the “gambitas” (little prawns) of Huelva


    5. Play golf on the best golf course in Huelva

    El Rompido is the one and only place to practice an abundance of sporting activities, such as sailing, renting quad bikes, horseback riding etc., yet it stands out due to its wonderful golf courses.  Thanks to its all year-round excellent climate and fantastic location next to the natural park, with views of the Atlantic. This exceptional setting is home to El Rompido Golf Club, a particular highlight, equipped with 18 holes.

    El Rompido Golf Club


    6. Visit the village of El Rocío (Almonte)

    El Rocío, as this small village belonging to the municipality of Almonte is popularly called, is home to one of the most famous religious processions in Spain. Each year, thousands of pilgrims from all over the country travel to the village on horseback and in carriages to pay special homage to the Virgin of El Rocío, who, throughout the year, is normally found in the community´s hermitage.



    7. Experience the Doñana Natural Park

    The Doñana National Park is considered to be the biggest biological reserve in Spain, and one of the most important in Europe. The habitat of a large number of protected species may be explored in four-by-four, on horseback, or on foot amongst others to get up close to the modest flamingos, the wild boars that scamper after their young, or the wild deer. The really lucky ones may get a glimpse of the almost extinct Iberian lynx. The different ecosystems that the park is home to offer completely varied scenery depending on the time of year, therefore we recommend you visit it in each of its seasons.

    Doñana Natural Park


    8. Explore the Grotto of “las Maravillas” in Aracena

    Visiting the Grotto of “las Maravillas” in Aracena is like exploring a completely new world of underground lakes, hanging stalactites, stalagmites and drapes decorated in a multitude of colours…a combination of great beauty which surprises visitors with its majesty. So much so, that in 1914, it became the first touristic cave in the whole of Spain. It is definitely worth a visit!

    Grotto of “las Maravillas” in Aracena


    9. Tour the mining route of the River Tinto

    The Park of the River Tinto, dedicated to mining, is nestled in a stunning valley of the same name, called so for its orangey coloured waters that are curiously similar to the colour of red wine. This unique setting may be toured in the oldest steam engine in Spain. What an experience! Don´t forget to visit the Mining Museum where you may explore an impressing reproduction of a Roman mine.

    River Tinto


    10. Visitar the Picos de Aroche to sample Huelva´s Iberian Ham

    The Picos de Aroche form part of, along with the Sierra of Aracena, a natural park defined by its endless forests, moderate climate and extensive cultural and natural heritage. This park is home to animals as ambiguous as the Iberian lynx, the Egyptian mongoose, the genet or the otter. Birds are also abundant and you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of vultures, kites or black storks. There is no better way to finish off the visit than sampling the authentic acorn-fed Iberian ham, a product that is known all over the world and local to this area.

    Sierra of Aracena



    Fuerte El Rompido Hotel is one of the most beautiful hotels of our chain for its location on a hillock overlooking the entire natural park of the river Piedras. To this it must be added an Andalucian-style architecture harmonizing with its environment. A perfect place to rest and to practice sports surrounded by nature.

    Urb. Marina El Rompido. Carretera H-4111, Km. 8 21459 El Rompido (Huelva)
    Tel.: (+ 34) 959 39 99 29
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