The Pleasures of Summer: € 6 Prawns

During the summer months, where can you taste white prawns from Huelva for just 6 € in El Rompido?

Since the late nineteenth century, fishermen have sought out space near the old lighthouse in El Rompido to build small huts and over time, these have helped transform it into the fishing village it is today.  

It is here where you can find a row of white houses located right off the same beach as the Piedras River. This attractive corner of the Costa de la Luz is full of bars and restaurants where its possible to sample this delicious seafood for the appealing price of just 6 €.

El Rompido

El Rompido

In El Rompido, there is virtually no traffic and outdoor terraces extend out into the estuary with views over the natural park or by the plaza of the Sirens. In this square there is a small church with the name Carmen, with a chapel located almost in the centre of town.

This is an ideal place to go with children, because while parents enjoy their dinner, children can play on the beach or in the nearby playground.

Amazingly, even in August, this beautiful corner of the Costa de la Luz can be found without crowds, allowing guests to enjoy the pleasures of sea food without the stress of having to fight for a table as they would in other parts of the coast during the summer.

However, there is only one place to find white prawns in El Rompido, The Doña Gamba Restaurant

This wonderful establishment also serves the famous choco from Huelva (cuttlefish) or “pescaítos”, delicious roe, shrimp, prawns – all accompanied by a wonderful, local taste from Huelva, a Condado white wine.  

Actually, this part of Andalucia offers a wealth of authentic treasures to discover, which we will be exploring here over several posts. (4)

The Doña Gamba Restaurant is a seven minute walk from the Hotel Fuerte in El Rompido. It is a perfect restaurant for tapas at a great price and to have a chance to taste rich seafood from this area on the banks of the  Piedras River.

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