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    Unique natural site in Europe with untouched white-sand beaches, do you know El Rompido?

    Flecha de El Rompido Natural Site

    Flecha de El Rompido Natural Site

    El Rompido (in Cartaya, Costa de la Luz) offers an incomparable site with an immense array of possibilities.

    As the popular saying “there is no accounting for taste…”. Each person has his own personality and it is sometimes difficult to reach an agreement when it comes to decide where to go on holidays. El Rompido in Cartaya (Costa del Sol) brings together a world of possibilities leaving nobody unmoved. Either for a summer holidays, a romantic getaway or to practice nature or open-air sports this small fishing village has a lot to offer you. Cartaya is situated in Huelva coastline and the nearest airports are Sevilla and Faro, 90 minutes away from the hotel.

    El Rompido has a white sand virgin beach that opens into the majestic Atlantic Ocean. It can be accessed by small white boats that picture a sea and colorful scene that you will not find elsewhere. Nature lovers will find this site especially interesting for its wildlife is rich and diverse. It is part of a protected area that belongs to the Natural Site of the Marismas de Odiel. Besides, the nearby National Park of Doñana, one of the most important natural sites in Europe, can be easily reached. Its main asset is the great richness of faunal species that hosts, since it is a key stage in the migratory routes of thousands of birds between Europe and Africa. If you are a nature lover, can you afford to miss this?

    El Rompido has a lot to offer you. Sport lovers can live unique experiences in this magnificent site on the Costa de la Luz. One of the most popular activities is ‘Nordic Walking’, a way to do exercise outdoors which consists in walking with sticks similar to those used in skiing.

     Trekking is another way to do hiking in the area. El Rompido has standard routes so you can fully enjoy nature, sport and culture at the same time. But no doubt one of the most important tourist attractions is golf. If you want to play a hole, either a “birdie” or an “eagle”, there are a great number of golf courses in partnership with our hotel and only five minutes away. Don’t think twice and come to get fit in a natural site like this!

    Flecha de El Rompido Natural Site

    If you are looking for some tranquility, culture or just want to taste the pleasure of good Andalusian cuisine, come to El Rompido. This white small village with a seafaring tradition has two lighthouses, one of them from the 19th century, which is a clear example of Andalusian typical aesthetic. It is strategically situated to be the perfect starting point to do cultural routes not only in Huelva province (Andalucia, Spain) but also in the neighboring Portuguese Algarve region.

    In this regard, one of the most attractive choices is the path through the South of Portugal: Vila Real de Santo Antonio, Tavira, Faro, the Natural Park of Vía Formosa, or the Albufeira, which  are some of the places that cannot be missed in Portugal. If you decide to explore Huelva in Spain, Almonte is a must. There you will find the popular Virgin of Rocío village, the Queen of the Marshes. This sacred icon is the religious image that brings together the biggest concentration of Catholic pilgrims in Spain. Another attraction that you cannot miss is the Puerto del Terrón in the town of Lepe. This was a flourishing harbor in Ancient times and had a lot of activity from the 18th century until the first decades of the 20th century. It features an auction for fish sale, an old ice factory and 150 salting rooms or houses. The boats in the harbor practice traditional fishing so during your walk you will be able to see fishermen sewing together nets or arranging the fishing gears.

    Another interesting place that cannot be missed is the mines of Río Tinto (formerly British mining). Copper, iron and manganese make water has an orange colour that pictures a unique landscape in Spain. Huelva is also the source of the flamenco melody of fandango, famous and highly valued flamenco style in Spain, where each town has its own melody. Andalusian cuisine lovers can travel around the small white villages of the area (Alosno, Valverde, Gibraleón, Punta Umbría or Calaña) where flamenco taverns or inns can be found. In addition to performing this typical singing, the most traditional food is served. Huelva has a seaworthy tradition and the star dishes are seafood and fish but the popular and healthy Jabugo ham (probably one of the most prestigious hams in Spain) is also to be found in these villages also famous for its wines (El Condado).

    Fuerte El Rompido Hotel, in the Flecha de El Rompido Natural Site

    Nature, sun and culture can all be found in one destination: El Rompido, where Fuerte Hoteles has one of its most privileged hotels, Fuerte El Rompido, situated in the heart of the natural site so you can fully enjoy the world of possibilities offered to you in this unparalleled environment, don’t think twice, come and visit it yourself!

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