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    Time to eat: restaurants where you can enjoy the best Almadraba tuna

    filete de atún

    It is a scene worth seeing: miles of netting where, using an ancient technique known as Almadraba, precious wild bluefin tuna fish are caught as they cross the water towards the Mediterranean to lay their eggs. It is at that very time of the year when this tuna is fished, giving rise to one of Cadiz’s most important gastronomic (and tourist) events. Barbate, Conil, Tarifa and Zahara de los Atunes are four of Cadiz’s localities where Almadraba tuna fishing is established. They also offer some of the best options for eating this delicious fish, all of which is used (belly, cured, loin, salted, neck, tail…).

    We set off for Cadiz province with the fishing and eating season for this delicacy of the sea in full swing to tell you about some of the best restaurants where you can enjoy its exquisite flavour. Will you join us?


    El Campero

    The cuisine of El Campero brings together the more traditional recipes of Barbate gastronomy, such as tuna in onion sauce and marinated tuna, with new techniques and cutting-edge recipes. It is definitely one of the undisputed “temples” for enjoying this fish. Subtle, soft, tender, delicate… The menu changes each year as the chef comes up with new innovative recipes, while preserving one aspect: wild Almadraba tuna.

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    Taberna de Abelardo

    One of those great local restaurants where tuna is honoured is Taberna de Abelardo, better known as La Presenta, which is managed from the bar by Antonio Malia, grandson of the founder, Abelardo. Given its location very near the old pier, they say that this is where the Almadraba fishermen have breakfast before going out to sea and where they have a beer after they have brought in their top quality catch.

    At this tavern, tradition still rules at the stove, where the luxury is in the product, served on plates without artifice or sophistication, such as its mythical tuna in butter, its most famous dish.

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    Taberna el TrasteO

    El TrasteO is one of those restaurants that remind you of those taverns that have been around forever, full of “junk” that has been randomly collected throughout the years, but which gives it a unique character. El TrasteO’s great saving grace is that this collection of random items has been made with great care to achieve the right ambience: a bohemian air of contemporary style with bright light flooding the dining room, filling each corner of the tavern with the Costa de la Luz sun.

    With a menu that changes often, el TrasteO gives you the chance to try new sensations each time you visit. The bluefin tuna, as the great star of Zahara’s gastronomy, also stands out on the menu, which always plays with originality and the element of surprise.

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    Feduchy Restaurant

    Surrounded by narrow streets and limestone houses, this restaurant can be found in Conil, one of the enclaves where bluefin is caught using the Almadraba technique. The fruit of the efforts of three friends with strong catering experience, Feduchy operates as a local restaurant where foodies can enjoy eating and drinking.

    Given its location, the easy option would be to fill the menu with tuna dishes, however, Feduchy took the brave, intelligent decision to give equal billing to meat, cheese, vegetables and other fish.

    A wonderful place and highly recommended for groups.

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    La Tasca de Juan

    No matter the time, you’ll always be welcomed at La Tasca with a smile, which is why it is one of the best known restaurants in Conil.

    As well as bluefin tuna, which is on the menu in all its varieties, you will find other traditional Andalusian tapas, such as meatballs in Pedro Ximenez sherry, tope shark, Iberico pork fillet and fried shrimp cakes. We recommend you try the patata de La Tasca, delicious cooked potato covered in ham and quail’s egg.

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    Los Hermanos Bar

    Enjoying some tuna tapas at Los Hermanos Bar is a great idea if you’re looking for top quality at an amazing price. The service is excellent; indeed, the only problem is that it is always full. This shows that it is one of the most popular places in Conil and that everything it serves is very good.
    A characteristic feature of this place is that the waiters stil keep a tab of what you have consumed on the bar, noting everything down in chalk, which, along with the delicious tapas, makes you feel like one of the regulars. What more can you ask for: tasty, aesthetically pleasing and at a good price.

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    Azotea de la Mejorana

    Discover the eclectic cuisine at La Mejorana. In the historic centre of Conil de la Frontera, you will find this restaurant that invites you to try the best market produce. It menu includes main courses and small plates that are creative and prepared with care, incorporating their Andalusian roots. Of its star dishes, you must try the Almadraba tuna. Let’s just say that it’s a spectacular and very different gastronomic experience.

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    La Fontanilla

    Enjoy the authentic taste of the sea at La Fontanilla. Situated on the beach, this restaurant offers a menu based on culinary tradition and innovation. Of its specialities, you must not miss the bluefin tuna and cod, as well as its wide range of fish, seafood, vegetables and meat. Enjoy the pleasure of eating by the sea at La Fontanilla. This will be an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

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    Los Lunares

    If you visit Conil de la Frontera, be sure to go to Los Lunares. This restaurant offers traditional cuisine, through which you will discover all of southern Spain’s flavours. Its menu includes numerous tapas and small plates including bluefin tuna that will delight any diner. Be sure to also enjoy the fried fish, Iberico pork, meat and vegetarian options. Los Lunares is the place to savour Cadiz folklore.

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