Ambrosia Market, the gourmet essence of Puerto Banus

Ambrosia claims to be the gourmet essence of Puerto Banus in Marbella. A place to eat, have a drink and listen to live music in the middle of one of the finest places in Costa del Sol.

This Gourmet Market not only has a reputation for being an exclusive place for the most exclusive pockets, it is also an evolution of our old town squares and traditional central markets, giving rise to a market cuisine that combines three features: tasting natural or manufactured products in situ, selling food, beverages and delicatessen products of national and international origin, and organizing special events.

The new Ambrosia Gourmet Market Marbella consists of fourteen Gourmet stands with a wide range of varied high-quality products and prices, always giving priority to fresh produce:

The Delicious Gourmet. Croquettes and more

Ambrosia Market, the gourmet essence of Puerto Banus: La Deliciosa Gourmet. Croquetas y más

La Deliciosa Gourmet. Croquetas y más

The croquettes are a little culinary pleasure but for them to be delicious we depend on the imagination and skill of the person who prepares them … and this is the strength of the croquette shop “La Deliciosa Gourmet. Croquetas y más”. Ambrosia Gourmet Market in Marbella offers a menu with many options, among which we find oxtail with foie gras and caramelized apple or squid in its own ink. But you can also find options such as classic ham (only this is Iberian bellota ham); specialties for vegetarians such as ratatouille and olives; or a menu for kids which includes pizza.

If you want to enjoy the quality and the care of a “de la abuela” croquette but at the same time be surprised with an unexpected twist in flavour, you should not miss the most famous stand of Ambrosia: “La Deliciosa Gourmet. Croquetas y más”.

In Pasta. Italian tavern

Ambrosia Market, the gourmet essence of Puerto Banus: In Pasta. Taberna italiana

In Pasta. Taberna italiana

PASTA IN defends the excellence of Italian pasta. This is very different from the usual restaurants that offer the product and, in many cases, distort the true taste of this delicious culinary tradition. To do this they elaborate both the fresh pasta as well as the dry semolina with the original sauce recipes from the country: Genovese pesto, bolognese ragout, amatriciana, porcini mushrooms … garnishing the dishes with aromatic freshly cut basil or heavy flakes of Parmigiano Reggiano ( as the client prefers).

When you visit stand Nº 2 in Ambrosia Gourmet Market Marbella and you ask for some of its specialties, you can fully appreciate the value of raw materials, taking you to the essence of the beautiful Italy.

La lonja


Ambrosia Market, the gourmet essence of Puerto Banus: La Lonja

La Lonja

As soon as you approach this seafood stand you are invaded by a stimulant smell of the sea. Clams, red shrimps, prawns, king prawns, crayfish, mullets … offered to the public as guaranteed fresh food; with the option to be consumed both at home or at the stand, either raw or cooked (depending on the selected product).

Fishing for these products is a delicate, scarce and expensive activity, but the stand No. 3 in Ambrosia Gourmet Market Marbella will teach you why it is also so dear to the palate.

The Boardwalk

Ambrosia Market, the gourmet essence of Puerto Banus: The Boardwalk

The Boardwalk

Pancakes are the great specialty of stand No. 4 of the Ambrosia Market. Almost thirty options, sweet and savoury, are included in the menu. From bacon, salmon, spinach, fresh tomatoes, pine nuts or cheddar cheese … also including whipped cream, strawberries, bananas, nuts or chocolate brownie, always available to please any client.

“The Boardwalk” is also ideal for those who love sweet products. Smoothies, sorbets, muffins, croissants, macaroni, ice cream, cakes and other delicacies encourage consumption from the colour counters with their suggestive flavours.


Ambrosia Market, the gourmet essence of Puerto Banus: Eggsquisito


Tortillas and Estrellados are the specialty of this place whose name contains the English word “Eggs” as a clear definition of what its menu focuses on.

Stand No. 5 has many secrets and tips to tell about its dishes, but it is not easy to get the same flavour. The quality of all ingredients; the potatoes sliced with mandolin to obtain uniformity; the ideal temperature of olive oil; mastering the egg cooking times (which are an art); the right amount of salt; and other small details. But above all, its great value is the care they put into each order. Certainly the result is “eggxquisite”.


Ambrosia Market, the gourmet essence of Puerto Banus: Iberi&Co


In the Spanish Iberian ham and sausages industry it is not easy to stand out when the product is so popular in the country and the competition is fierce. So being distinguished as “The best ham in the world” is priceless. We are talking about Joselito, a renowned Iberian ham firm with a presence throughout the world, already the leading firm in the sector.

IBERI&CO also has a variety of more than thirty labels of selected cheeses, having won many prestigious awards. To contrast flavour, it is recommended that some of the hams are eaten with jams and marmalades flavoured with the most amazing fruits and vegetables (also for sale). And of course, there is no Iberian cheese or product whose flavour is not enhanced with a good wine. At the stand you will be recommended which type of wine is the most suitable to accompany each product.


Ambrosia Market, the gourmet essence of Puerto Banus: Steak Palace

Steak Palace

Meat lovers find their favourite place at STEAK PALACE, where the highest quality meat rules the sector. Tasting a good beef steak takes on another dimension at Ambrosia stand Nº 7. It’s just that we have to say that their range of “boned beef” is extraordinary. You can choose cuts of Charolais, Aliste, Friesian, Simmental, Uruguayan Aberdeen Black Angus beef or succulent Galician beef and the fabulous Tomahwk chop.

If what you want is a succulent gourmet burger, you just need to choose size (mini or normal); The visitors also have complementary sides (included or extras) to finally give up to this exquisite food.

Gourmet Factory

Ambrosia Market, the gourmet essence of Puerto Banus: Gourmet Factory

Gourmet Factory

In Gourmet Factory, stands 8 and 9, the pintxo makes its appearance, the Spanish tapa par excellence. A new universe of creations where you can taste the best dishes from our cuisine and the international cuisine, all accompanied by a wide variety of organic and macrobiotic products. And this is precisely what makes Gourmet Factory a special choice; the possibility of choosing these healthy ingredients which have become so popular lately. Fish, meat, salad, seafood and cereals are the most common ingredients in these pintxos. A mixture that will delight not only those who come to try them but also those who take the food away, since food on request is another service offered.

The Wine Gallery

Ambrosia Market, the gourmet essence of Puerto Banus: The Wine Gallery

The Wine Gallery

The Wine Gallery is a small corner of amazing wisdom within Ambrosia Gourmet Market Marbella. Large firms offering Cava, Prosecco, Champagne, Sangria, Vermouth, Brandy, Fino, Manzanilla, Amontillado, White, Red, Pink or Sweet are waiting for wine lovers in a conditioned wine cellar, which features optimal conditions for each product.

Undoubtedly this is the place in Marbella to seek advice on any aspect of this area: from correct wine tasting techniques (or amazing) to tips related to storage and handling of products; from information on denominations of origin, to wise wine choices if you want to invest in certain vintages which may earn you some money in the future.

Isan Thai Sushi

Ambrosia Market, the gourmet essence of Puerto Banus: Isan Thai Sushi

Isan Thai Sushi

In one place, it brings together the best Asian cuisine, getting stand Nº 11 in Ambrosia Market. Two culinary aspects are working in this little paradise of exotic flavours; the firstly, the most authentic and refreshing Sushi and, secondly, tasty and spicy Thai proposals. A sufficiently varied menu, with the most representative food of both traditions.

Ambrosía Cocktel Bar

Ambrosia Market, the gourmet essence of Puerto Banus: Ambrosía Cocktel Bar

Ambrosía Cocktel Bar

Ambrosia could not do without having a cocktail bar because the art of the mixture may be considered to be, in some way, one of the first activities of the gourmet world, the height of the wisdom of alcoholic mixtures, or in some cases even without alcohol.

Let your imagination run wild with these drinks including classics like the Vesper, the famous Martini with Vodka ordered by James Bond, the glamorous Manhattan and a variety of exotic cocktails, as well as its popular pink tonic. However, the greatest discovery of the place is certainly the Tiki glasses, where you are served delicious blends.

Ambrosía Mercado Gourmet Restaurante

Ambrosia Market, the gourmet essence of Puerto Banus: Ambrosía Mercado Gourmet Restaurante

Ambrosía Mercado Gourmet Restaurante

Ambrosia is different compared to other gourmet markets with the opening of its new restaurant, a space that will offer a fixed menu and periodically combined starters, mains and desserts from all the stands that are found in the market.

Needless to say, their products and gourmet dishes will respect the concept that is provided by Ambrosia, which will be matched by an excellent and friendly service that will ensure the welfare of the people.

Ambrosia has thus succeeded in breaking with the concept of self-service that commonly accompanies the gourmet markets in Spain and allows the possibility of choosing a place to be served by professionals just going up some stairs.

Estrella Galicia del Mercado Gourmet

Ambrosia Market, the gourmet essence of Puerto Banus: Estrella Galicia del Mercado Gourmet

Estrella Galicia del Mercado Gourmet

Beer lovers that visit Estrella Galicia del Mercado Gourmet stand will embark on a sensory journey where they will discover a different product, we refer to authentic cellar beer, a fresh product that keeps the properties of this drink, as demanded by Spanish and tourists, as if it was freshly made. This is because the beer served from the tap at Ambrosia Market maintains the levels of carbon found in the cellars where they are manufactured, that belong to Estrella Galicia.

Although beer cellar is what makes Ambrosia Market different worldwide, this stand also offers other important national and imported beers such as the 1906 Special Reserve, 1906 Vintage Red and Black Blend 1906 – national- and Miller and Grolsch – International-, among others.


If you decide to visit the new Ambrosía Gourmet Market Marbella stay at Fuerte Marbella or Fuerte Miramar (also in Marbella). Both complexes have exceptional locations in the centre of town and the first line on the beach, only a few steps away from the historic centre, in an area full of shops and restaurants with terraces.

Ambrosia Market, the gourmet essence of Puerto Banus: Fuerte Marbella

Fuerte Marbella

Fuerte Marbella is a symbol for the city with more than 50 years of experience at your service. The hotel has 263 rooms, all soundproofed and equipped with air conditioning, satellite TV, wireless Internet access and private bathroom with free amenities and hair-dryer, among other services. It is also surrounded by gardens, with superb sea views and 2 outdoor pools.

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