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    A different meal? Discover 10 of the best themed restaurants in Costa del Sol



    Original for their décor or food, the thematic restaurants in Costa del Sol always give you more if you are looking something different. Old times, fictional characters, the same ingredient or very specific specialities may surprise us. If you want to discover these exceptional places pay attention. We are sure that you will love this list of the best 10 themed restaurants of the coast of Malaga.


    1. Ebe la Polaca Restaurant, Marbella

    La Polaca, Marbella. Fotografía: baresdeandalucí

    Ebe La Polaca is a restaurant located in a seventeenth century mansion in Marbella, where you can taste typical dishes of traditional Spanish cuisine in a space-themed environment. It is set in the last century and each of its six rooms recreates a different decade. In this way you can find a room based on ​​the 40s, 50s, 60s … up to the time of splendor and glamor of Marbella during the 90s. The third floor has a very popular viewpoint among the guests. Choose the decade you want and enjoy the Mediterranean cuisine.

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    2. Brutus, Malaga

    Brutus, Málaga

    If you like food big, do not hesitate and come to Brutus, located in Plaza Mayor (Malaga). Its theme is the large size of all its recipes. Hamburgers for four people, hot dogs, Moorish kebabs that you cannot finish … Even the menu is huge! A curious place you have to go if you are quite hungry or with a group of friends to share. Do you dare with a dish just for you? You will only know if you visit this unique place.

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    3. Peggy Sue American restaurant, Malaga

    Peggy Sue’s Málaga

    Right in the heart of Málaga city centre can be found a tour of America in the 50s and 60s. Peggy Sue’s is that sort of typical American restaurant with a jukebox for choosing tunes, waiters with toupees and pin-up waitresses. A trip through time to the age of movies such as Grease and musicals like Hairspray. When it comes to food, the star attraction is the American hamburger, as well as pizza, hot dogs and all types of fast food. Make sure you stop by if you like this style.

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    4. Gondor Brewery, Málaga

    Autocervecería Gondor

    Gondor is a brewery which, as its name suggests, makes direct allusion to Lord of the Rings. If you like Tolkien’s world stop by this establishment decorated with all the symbolism of the novel and the film. Dive into Gondor with a cold beer and tapas to accompany.

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    5. Mammen Croquettes, Malaga

    Croquetería Mammen

    One of the typical dishes of Spanish cuisine are the croquettes. In Malaga we are lucky to have the Mammen, a family establishment that prepares home-made croquettes based on a family recipe. Besides the typical stew and ham croquettes, you can find varieties that have mushrooms, cheese, spinach and pine nuts, shrimps, cabrales, black pudding with nuts, hake, salmon and cod, among others. But what is striking about this place is that it also offers sweet patties made with chocolate, custard or rice and milk. The secret of these delicious croquettes is undoubtedly the bechamel. Come to try this Mediterranean snack for all tastes.

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    6. Mmm Cabaret Restaurant, Malaga

    Mmm Cabaret Restaurante, Málaga

    This restaurant is ideal to go with a group of friends to celebrate your birthday or bachelor parties. This is a cabaret where revolving around erotic themes. Even the desserts have suggestive shapes. Here, while enjoying dinner, you will see the typical circus, sensual dances and all the atmosphere that surrounded the main locales of this kind in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, including the famous Moulin Rouge. If you fancy something more sensual, you know where you can find it.

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    7. The Flintstones, Torremolinos

    Restaurant Los Picapiedra, Torremolinos Fotografia: Trivago

    Thefamous cartoon The Flintstones is the protagonist in this restaurant that honours their name in the Hotel Sol Principe in Torremolinos. This is an excellent choice if you go out to eat with children. The famous characters of the series are an important part of the décor that also evokes the creations of Hanna Barbera. In this way, you can sit in a chair that recreates dinosaur bones or stones from the quarry Fred Flintstone worls in. Everything is decorated perfectly with simulation of animal skins worn by this primitive friendly family. We could not forget the pet, Dino, and the menu for the kings of the house based on burgers.

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    8. Mc Jamón, Torremolinos

    Mc Jamon, Torremolinos

    Like the typical American fast food chains, Mc Ham is an establishment where you can quickly taste the flavour of the best examples of this typical Spanish product. Located in the unique Carihuela Beach in Torremolinos, you have the opportunity to try toast with ham accompanied by a pitcher of fresh beer while you contemplate the sea from its terrace. A fascinating site where the protagonist is the flagship product of Spain. Are you going to miss it?

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    9. Cafeteria Wonka, Málaga

    Cafetería Wonka

    If you like fantasy and you want to mix it with sweet taste, feel free to stop by Wonka, located in Teatinos. All the magic of the film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is found in this place with huge candy canes as shown in the film. Get into this sweet world and try the ice-creams and magnificent cakes.

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    10. The Iberian Route, Benalmádena

    La Ruta del Ibérico

    This restaurant has a common denominator: their products are Iberian. Enjoy a good meal with ham, loin and chorizo. Cheeses and wines are delicious, and the wine perfectly combines with them. This world is the most traditional you can find in Spain. Don’t think it over, come to this place and treat your palate.

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