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    Eat healthy and enjoy ten of the best vegetarian restaurants in the Costa del Sol

    Vegetarian food is increasingly popular among diners and that is why these type of restaurants multiply. If you like this kind of recipes do not miss this post where we recommend the best vegetarian restaurants in Costa del Sol.

    One more option when choosing how to eat and a new way to discover flavours. Mens sana in corpore sano in a gastronomic route where, in addition to good food, you have the opportunity to experience the tranquillity that such establishments provide.


    1. El Vegetariano de La Alcazabilla, Malaga

    El Vegetariano de La Alcazabilla

    In the heart of Malaga, at the foot of Alcazaba, we find the vegetarian restaurant La Alcazabilla. Its menu has all kinds of recipes but they are known throughout the city for its vegetables croquettes. Natural juices are another of its specialties also offering a daily menu at a very affordable price. The place is cozy and has the signatures of the guests on the walls. Quotes, feelings and famous phrases, anything you want to express can be immortalised in this local boutique.

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    2. Cañadú, Malaga


    If you want to taste high quality organic dishes, Cañadú is located in Plaza de la Merced, Malaga. Salads, hot and garlic soups, vegetarian cous cous and calluses are some of the options you can find in the menu. Customised recipes for vegans and coeliacs.

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    3. Vegetariano El Calafate, Malaga

    Vegetariano El Calafate

    The vegetarian restaurant El Calafate has a wide menu with an emphasis on natural products. The décor of the restaurant is warm and makes you feel at home. It is also a meeting place for artists. The friendliness of the service, very typical of the locals is worth mentioning, it will make you feel at ease.

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    4. Restaurante Terra Sana, Marbella

    Restaurante Terra Sana

    Terra Sana was born 12 years ago in Marbella, where the owners created a concept which blends multicultural influences without losing the focus on healthy living and natural products. If you want to relax while tasting good food, do not hesitate to come to this place. The salads, wraps, juices, smoothies and desserts, plus its delicious “daily specials” (most sought after by regular customers), have made Terra Sana one of the most popular vegetarian restaurants in Costa del Sol.

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    5. Elemi Vegetarian Restaurant, Estepona

    Elemi Vegetarian Restaurant, Estepona

    In Estepona we can find another of the most picturesque vegetarian restaurants in Costa del Sol, Elemi Vegetarian Restaurant. Its motto reads “you are what you eat” and as a result, they pay special attention to products and food on its premises. Elemi includes a menu with vegetarian recipes from around the world, with a high nutritional value along with gluten-free meals for celiacs.

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    6. Vegetalia, Fuengirola

    Vegetalia, Fuengirola

    Fuengirola is one of the most committed restaurants regarding organic products in the Costa del Sol. Its name is Vegetalia kitchen and offers egg and dairy products-based vegetarian cuisine since 1997. For lunch it offers a varied and extensive self-service buffet, while dinner is a la carte with international dishes for all tastes. In this restaurant you can also taste delicious homemade desserts, fresh fruit juices and vegetables, and an extensive drinks menu which includes wines and ecological beers. The service includes a take-away service.

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    7. Restaurante Espiga, Torremolinos

    Restaurante Espiga

    Vegetarian food is also strong in Torremolinos, particularly in Restaurante Espiga. In this establishment you will find menus for vegetarians, vegans and celiac. There are two menus a day, including outstanding dishes made with quinoa, millet, seitan and soy in all its forms, brown rice, beans and other grain products, dishes prepared with care and enthusiasm to please the palate of the diners.

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    8. Restaurante Loving Hut, Marbella

    Restaurante Loving Hut

    The Loving Hut Restaurant in Marbella has a philosophy based on peace and harmony that is reflected in the décor and the food it offers. It is a gourmet cuisine prepared with vegan ingredients. A place to rest and, in turn, enjoy the best products offered by the land in the heart of Costa del Sol.

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    9. La Casa del Perro, Malaga

    La Casa del Perro

    Casa del Perro in Malaga is not only vegetarian but it also offers an extensive menu for those who want this style of food. The atmosphere is cozy and the owner personally serves the food to the visitors with great kindness. On the walls we will see boards with different menus. Do not miss this opportunity to taste the best vegan products in the province.

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    10. Julie´s Place , Nerja

    Julie´s Place

    Julie’s Place is a vegetarian cafe bar in the heart of Nerja, just around the corner from the famous Balcon de Europa. The different dishes taste better when enjoyed in a Cuban-themed atmosphere, full of Latin rhythms that liven up the locale. You can also combine your plate with delicious mojitos. Feel like you are in the Caribbean in Costa del Sol.

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