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    Only one mother in this world, so this year treat her with a relaxing and wellbeing session in our thermal spa

    Tratamiento de Spa Fuerte Miramar.

    Spa Treatment at Fuerte Miramar.

    This Sunday we celebrate Mother’s Day in Spain, so do not think twice and prepare a good gift for her. There are surely many reasons to treat her like a princess.

    Fuerte Hoteles wants to help you with this, so note down all the ideas to surprise her: in this stressful world that we all live in it is necessary to give some rest to our bodies.

    No doubt, your mother will be very pleased to immerse herself in a thermal spa with jacuzzi, sauna and whirlpool bathtub. You are not going to find anything better for her. Our hydrotherapy and spa centers are especially designed for those who really need them, so they can live a life experience. Besides, most of them also offer beauty treatments, because they not only deal with your physical wellbeing but also with beauty and firming cosmetic treatments. Make her relax and soften these little pains sometimes affect to her physical wellbeing.

    If you want, you can add some value to this present: enjoy a thermal spa in a place with many touristic attractions. Can you think of something better than a thermal and relaxing getaway while enjoying a sunset on the beach? Make your mother have her well-deserved rest with the help of the best qualified team. A luxurious present that she is certain to enjoy.

    Conil or Marbella can perfectly be these dream destinations for her. Fuerte Hoteles have two flagship hotels there: Fuerte Marbella and Fuerte Conil – Costa Luz.

    Do not think it twice and treat her with a wellbeing session. Fuerte Hoteles has launched a special offer for Mother’s Day. You will be able to enjoy the Hydrotherapy Circuit and the Facial Express treatments for 36€ only. With this special package offer your mother will feel like a princess. The first treatment consists of a leg bi-thermal jet and a Scottish shower. Warm water is especially beneficial for blood vessel dilation and it stimulates perspiration, relaxing your muscles and joints and boosting your blood circulation. Afterwards, cold water makes your blood vessels shrink reducing potential inflammations. Cold water also increases blood influx to internal organs.

    With this alternate cold-hot water shower your blood circulation is reactivated and your skin is toned. It also helps to recuperate your energy and improve the way you feel. When this treatment is combined with the “Facial Express” that softens and increases the luminosity of your mother’s complexion, this package will become a life experience that you will mother will never forget.

    On Mother’s Day fill your lungs with fresh air and find the necessary calmness. Everyday life in the cities can have an impact in your body, and in your respiratory system. That’s why it is a good idea to give some love to that person who has given you so much in your life. Take her to a privileged natural environment and let her experience the benefits associated with being in contact with the environment and its animals. For sure a destination that will meet all her expectations is Grazalema. Its unique Natural Park in Europe is one of the best places to relax in Spain. Listening to the nature’s sounds, breathing fresh and clean air and enjoying this oasis of tranquility can be really beneficial for her.

    Fuerte Hoteles has one of its best hotel establishments in this privileged environment. With Andalusian touch, this site a unique place to enjoy a peaceful stay in a natural setting: she will be able to do hiking trails. One of the most popular ones is the Spanish fir forest hiking trail. This trail is closed during the summer to avoid forest fires, so these are the last days of the season to enjoy the sight of this indigene species. A gift like this is certain to be a success!

    When mentioning privileged and exclusive destinations, it is impossible to leave behind Torrox, which enjoys probably the best climate of the Costa del Sol. The numerous attractions that surround this coastal town are rich and diverse -you can enjoy the most relaxing beach walks or discover new cultural activities and places. The Nerja Caves are only 15 minutes away, a must for art and prehistory lovers as it has highly valued cave paintings in Europe, a sign of identity dating back to our first ancestors.

    Fuerte Calaceite Apartments in Torrox are a superb option for Mother’s Day. The panoramic views to the beach will fill her with peace and tranquility in the room balcony where she can read a good book while watching and savoring the Mediterranean Sea.

    Give a surprise to your mother and treat her with a good present. She will be very grateful and you know she deserves all the best. Are you going to let her miss this?

    Mother’s Day Offer at only 36€

    Fresh air to relax your body

    Sea and culture in an unforgettable getaway

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