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    Marbella: health and wellness tourism in a luxurious environment

    Wellness Marbella

    Wellness Marbella

    Marbella is one of the world’s most famous cities for a dream holiday. Glamour, luxury, sea and leisure are just some of the attractions of this Costa del Sol city. Nevertheless, this city has experienced a boom in health tourism. Indeed, in recent years, many have chosen Marbella for a wellness retreat.

     Unwinding and balancing body and mind are now two of the main goals of those who enjoy wellness in Marbella. Here are some spas and more ideas in this city where you can unplug and improve your health in this paradise.


    Buchinguer Clinic

    Clínica Buchinguer – credito foto

    The well known Buchinguer Clinic, is accustomed to providing wellness and nutrition to their customers, where many stars of the silver screen and of the most selected of the elite come every year to lose those few extra kilos and receive therapies and relaxing massages to renew them inside and out. Feeding is one of the basic pillars of the physical well-being and in this spot, in addition to helping with weight loss; they teach their customers how to educate their nutritional habits. Therapeutic fasting is one of the techniques used by the clinic.

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    Shanti Som

    Shanti-Som Wellbeing Retreat – credito foto

    The healing philosophies and trends arrived from the East are what makes Shanti Som the most chic place for a spiritual retreat in the province. It has luxury facilities on the Marbella Highway, far from the madding crowd. There, the image of Buddha and the recreations of the gods who came from India and Nepal chair the relaxing exercises that leave the participants in the different therapies without a drop of anxiety. It is a place to think and to find peace and tranquility.

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    Spa & Beauty by Germaine de Capuccini – Amàre Marbella

    Amàre Spa & Beauty by Germaine de Capuccini

    Spa & Beauty by Germaine de Capuccini is located inside the Amàre Marbella Beach Hotel, on the beach. A bath of sensations where you can choose the best circuits of hydrotherapy, treatments, massages and relaxation areas to take care of your health, beauty and wellness. If you like, you can also enjoy the fitness facilities. A cleansing of your body you cannot miss if you are in Marbella.

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    Full Vitality Spa Marbella

    Full Vitality Spa Marbella

    Enjoying a relaxing massage is essential for unplugging and making your dream holiday even more enjoyable, in addition to improving your health. This is why this Marbella spa offers its massage services and beauty sessions as part of a new concept: home massages. FULL VITALITY will go to your home or to the hotel you are staying at if you so wish so that you can enjoy a relaxing session. If you would rather visit one of is clinics, you will receive a warm welcome and enjoy a memorable wellness experience. Its massage and beauty services include an extensive selection of different treatments such as exfoliation, radio frequency and many others, which will make you feel better both inside and out.

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    Six Senses Spa

    Six Senses Spa – crédito foto

    Located in a privileged setting in the heart of one of Marbella’s best resorts, Six Senses Spa offers a relaxed environment at the Puente Romano Beach Resort for us to enjoy its health treatments and techniques. Healing through natural techniques is its speciality, in addition to its different rooms equipped with the best architecture, facilities and natural products like olive oil. Six Senses Spa’s priority is people’s wellness and making the experience amazing. Therefore, it works in unique settings, ensuring high-quality services and immersion techniques to work on the body and mind.

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    Spa Hotel Westin la Quinta, Benahavis, Marbella

    Spa Hotel Westin la Quinta – crédito foto

    This hotel is located in an area ideal for golf lovers. The idyllic landscape where you can enjoy the mountains and the sea are one more attraction to guarantee relaxing days in this setting. It goes without saying that the views from this hotel are spectacular and its fabulous spa is a plus that will make our holiday in Marbella even more enjoyable. Spa Hotel Westin La Quinta offers thermal water circuits, treatments and activities to maintain our exercise routine. It also offers a post-spa session brunch so that the experience is unforgettable.

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    Estrella Del Mar Spa Beach Club

    Spa Beach Club Estrella Del Mar – crédito foto

    Guaranteeing wellness and improving people’s quality of life is essential in order to enjoy a few well-deserved relaxing days. Body and facial treatments, thermal waters, massages, beauty experiences… and a wide range of personalised and exclusive treatments for relaxing and taking care of our body and mind. Putting ourselves in the hands of a quality team like the one at Estrella del Mar Spa Beach Club, enjoying dream facilities and recharging our batteries is quite an experience that we need and that our body will thank us for.

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    Urban Health

    Wellness Marbella-Urban health

    Urban Health is a physiotherapy clinic located in the heart of Marbella with personalized and individualized treatments, depending on the needs of each patient. In addition to different muscle treatments with all kinds of technology, this center conducts a study to prevent injuries. To do this, it uses the most ancient techniques such as acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, with manual and mechanical physiotherapy techniques and the most innovative electronic equipment for treatment and physiotherapeutic diagnosis. It is a great option to put your body in shape and know what your weaknesses are and thus be able to look after them with especial care.

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    Hilu Medical Center

    Wellness Marbella-Hilu Medical Center

    This clinic is located in the heart of the city of Marbella, and provides consultation and medical supervision, as well as complementary biological treatments paying special attention to the knowledge of the cause of the diseases. From the center, the treatment of oncothermia that allows the combination with any cancer treatment is carried out, optimizing it, multiplying its effectiveness and reducing its side effects more effectively reaching the tumor in a more effective way. Patients from all points of the European geography come here to improve the situation of their disease.

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    Physiosalud Marbella

    Physiosalud Marbella, drenajes linfáticos

    The specialty of this center is lymphatic drainage. Beauty and health are linked in many occasions and if you go through an operating room to have an aesthetic touch up at this clinic, they help you with the recovery. They mainly perform monitoring and recovery treatments of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery: liposuction, breast augmentation, breast reconstruction, facelift, blepharoplasty and abdominoplasty, with the objective of accelerating the process of resorption of the edema, reduce postoperative discomfort and promote the recovery process.

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    Marbella Beauty Clinic Arques Clinic

    Arques Clinic Marbella

    Quality and professionalism are the keys to this clinic’s success. Specialists in facial and body rejuvenation, in addition to having a multitude of treatments that seek to improve people’s lives. The Arques team of professionals offer lifting, mesotherapy, varicose vein removal, tattoo removal, weight loss and even medical treatment, among many others, which have been tried by some of the most famous celebrities, such as Patricia Betancort, Sonia Ferrer and Lucía Hoyos, among other well-known faces. This clinic offers all we need for beauty maintenance and to improve our health in expert hands.

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    Ocean Clinic Marbella

    Ocean Clinic Marbella

    Ocean Clinic is an expert in aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery, where we can have those tweakments that make us feel better. We can feel safe in the trusted hands of Ocean’s team of professionals, since it includes surgeons and nurses who make both the pre-and post-operative experience the best option for our health. Many go to Ocean for breast implants, augmentations or reductions, liposuction, buttock augmentations, vein treatments, micropigmentation and even sex reassignments. Ocean Clinic undoubtedly offers the best guarantee in its results and will give you the best quality for your wellbeing.

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    Marbella Care App

    Wellness Marbella-Marbella Care App

    Marbella features the first application, for mobiles, on health tourism in Europe. This application allows the international tourist to plan his/her tourism and health trip from its origin without leaving the app (buy flight tickets, hire a rental car, and make an appointment at the hospital, among other services). This Costa del Sol town has a large number of hospitals and private clinics that are an international rendezvous point for all those people who want to control their health in specialized centers and place themselves in the hands of great professionals.


    Hedionda Baths, Casares

    Baños de la Hedionda, Casares

    Julius Caesar ordered to condition the Hedionda baths after verifying the healing properties of its waters. Tens of visitors submerge in them daily and they serve as a spa or natural spa to all the neighbors. Its main property is based on the improvement of the skin, and many people with this type of problems have approached this place to improve their pathologies. A natural bath a few kilometers from Marbella that serves as a therapy for your body and you can’t afford to miss out if you are traveling to the Costa del Sol.

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    Golf Courses

    Golf en Marbella

    The more than 300 days of sunshine per year there are in the Malaga coast, make outdoor exercise to be one of the main attractions of its cities. Undoubtedly, the star sport in the province of Malaga is golf, not in vain its Costa del Sol is known worldwide as Costa del Golf. If you are looking for a destination with good weather where you can play sports this winter, do not hesitate to come to Marbella and enjoy its magnificent golf courses and the benefits that this activity reverts to your health. Thus it improves the cardiovascular system, tones muscles, oxygenates the blood, burns calories and strengthens the mind.

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    El Fuerte Marbella

    If you decide to come to Marbella do not hesitate in staying in Fuerte Hoteles. El Fuerte Marbella a historic establishment on the Costa del Sol, now transformed to 5 stars, is the Marbella hotel that best combines casual luxury, an exclusive and welcoming atmosphere and the sheer comfort offered by its location on the city centre’s beachfront, which offers stunning sea views right across Marbella’s seafront promenade.

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