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    Ten keys to protecting your skin in summer and getting a nice tan

    claves para cuidar tu piel en verano y lucir un bonito bronceado

    When summer comes, we all want a nice tan and good-looking skin, but there is no need to endanger our health. The sun burns in the summer and we must learn to protect ourselves from UV rays.  This doesn’t mean sacrificing your tan. There is a wide range of products and certain foods that help you get the colour you want without putting yourself at risk. Here are ten keys to getting a tan this summer and also looking after your skin.

    Select your sunscreen

    Sunscreen is fundamental when going out under the sun. Forget what certain people say that these creams stop your body from tanning: this is completely false. You can get a nice tan without putting yourself at risk. Remember that your skin has a memory and in the future, if you don’t take care, it may suffer. Those who have very fair skin, redheads, bald people and children should wear higher factor protection, preferably above 30, which really is the factor most recommended for the general public. So don’t forget: before going out under the sun, use the protection that best fits your requirements.


    Specific care

    Just like when you apply a moisturiser or anti-ageing cream, you use different products depending on the area of ​​your body.  For sun protection, you should do the same. The face is an area of ​​high risk and you must pay special attention to it, especially if you don’t want freckles or spots. There are specific sunscreens available for different complexions, which are usually higher than for the rest of the body factor. We recommend using SFP 50 if you are exposed to UV rays. Likewise, you can also find cosmetic sprays in different shops which are applied to the hair because our hair also suffers on the sunny days.


    Gradual exposure

    Don’t try to get a tan on the first day because the only thing you will do is burn and cause serious skin problems, even cuts or cracks. If you go on holiday to a beach, try exposing yourself to the sun gradually. Divide the days into time spent on the beach and time doing other activities available in the area. Don’t make the mistakes of spending all your time there under UV rays. Two or three hours is ideal but this can be extended a little more if you use umbrellas and sunscreen.


    Hours under the sun

    An important factor that you should bear in mind if you go to the beach is not to stay out from midday until five in the afternoon, or if you do, maximise your protection. These hours are tougher on your skin.  If you still want to take go bathing during this time, use SPF 50 and try to stay under an umbrella. Do not forget to wet your head every time your hair gets dry; if you spend too much time under the sun with dry hair, it can get damaged and you can also get sunstroke.


    Using make-up

    Many women want to be beautiful even when they take a dip in the sea.  As such, they may not want to go without make-up. You don’t need to go without it but you do need to learn to apply it properly. First of all, put sunscreen of your face around twenty minutes before your make-up. Try using waterproof products (especially mascara). There are cosmetics shops which sell special make-up for bathing but there are also foundation creams which include sunscreen. For your lips, use lip balms to keep them hydrated.


    Use protection when you go outside

    Don’t forget: even if you’re not on the beach, the sun will burn you all the same if you walk around the city, so apply sunscreen before going outside and use sunglasses and a hat to protect you from the heat. Try to leave the long walks for when the sun is lower in the sky and use the hotter hours to visit museums, enjoy the local restaurants and visit all the sites you want to see which are indoors.


    Tanning tablets

    One product which has been on the market for nearly a decade and is becoming more popular for lovers of tans is tanning accelerator tablets. Before you take any of these tablets, speak with a chemist because they can give you information on which ones are approved by the Health Department and are safe and effective. With this method, your tan will appear much more quickly without having to expose your skin to the sun too much. This system is a big hit in all Spanish chemists.


    Eating “tanning” foods

    If what you like is the traditional method and you don’t want to take tablets or use tanning accelerators, there’s nothing better than eating the right foods. Carrots, besides being a good product, are a rich in carotene, as are tomatoes and cucumbers. If you eat salads or even drink shakes with any of these, you’ll see that the colour of your skin is enhanced without running any risk.


    Aloe Vera and After Sun

    Don’t think that after coming home from the beach and taking a shower in fresh water, you can stop taking care of your skin after being in the sun. Once each area is clean, apply an after sun lotion or cream to refresh and hydrate the body and it won’t turn so red. One of the most widely used natural products in summer is aloe vera. Whether you buy it in cream or if you extract directly from the plant, your skin will be silky smooth.


    Rosehip Oil

    n addition to continuous care you need to take with your skin, especially in beach holiday destinations, there are other factors that can be improved with certain products if you’re exposed to UVA rays. If you have scars or stretch marks, they may accentuate the tan, so it’s a good idea to wipe the area where they are well and you stretch out a little oil of rosehip oil when you lie down and get up. This ointment has very good results and will leave your skin soft, hiding those imperfections.


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