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If you want your getaways to have a renewing and regenerating effect on your health, join this trend that combines healthy eating, beauty treatments, exercise, meditation and contact with nature

24 March 2017. If you’re one of those who has no time to switch off and take advantage of travel to pamper yourself, on your next getaway try “Naturalness”, a new way of travelling that combines healthy eating, beauty treatments, exercise, meditation and contact with nature. Discover all of the benefits of this new trend at the Fuerte Conil – Costa Luz hotel, a beautiful resort located right on the beach front at Fontailla Beach (Cádiz).


Naturalness Fuerte Hoteles


What is “Naturalness”?

The new “Naturalness” concept is the result of applying a healthy lifestyle philosophy to travel, by adding health enhancing sporting and leisure activities to your holiday schedule, and choosing rich and balanced food with a low caloric intake. Take note of the 4 steps that your should follow to ensure that “Naturalness” gets rid of your stress and helps you recover your energy.

  1. Eat healthily

When you visit one of the hotel’s restaurants, look for the dishes that are marked as being healthy. Information is provided about the number of calories they provide and whether or not they are made with local products, making it easy for you to stick to your healthy diet without piling on the kilos, or maybe even losing a few.


  1. Relax in the Spa

Water has infinite relaxing powers, so set aside some time in your schedule to enjoy the hydrotherapy circuit at the Fuerte Conil – Costa Luz Spa and, while you’re there, indulge in one of the recommended treatments offered by Natura Bissé. You’ll feel like new!


  1. Exercise body and soul

There is nothing better than a bit of exercise for doing away with stress. Some prefer more energetic activities such as horse riding, running on the beach or surfing, whereas others enjoy more relaxing sports that can include activities such as meditation exercises. You can experience all of this and more at Fuerte Conil – Costa Luz where the entertainment programme includes yoga, Pilates and stretching classes.


  1. Forget everything as you connect with nature

Although we sometimes make an effort to try elaborate and original experiences, in the end there is nothing more enriching than enjoying a connection with nature. Things as simple as breathing fresh air, watching the sea, falling asleep to the murmur of lapping waves, smelling the aroma of pine trees mixed with salt or touching the sand, can fill the soul with warmth and empty the mind of everything holding us back.


What are its benefits?

You will benefit from the following 5 advantages if you include the concept of “Naturalness” in the schedule for your stay at Fuerte Conil – Costa Luz:

  1. Reduced stress.
  1. Recovered muscle tone and increased flexibility.
  1. Balanced mind and body.
  1. Weight loss and improved physical condition.
  1. Happiness.


Contraindications and side effects

You only have to consider one thing before including the “Naturalness” concept in your travels. It can be addictive and once you try it, you’ll want more and more! But don’t worry, at Fuerte Conil – Costa Luz we’ll be waiting for you.


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