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050531 May 2017. On 5 June, World Environment Day seeks to raise awareness worldwide on the importance of caring for your environment. If this matter is close to your heart, take advantage of the start of summer to do your bit by ensuring your holiday is as ecological as possible. It sounds complicated, but it’s much easier than you think!


5 ideas for enjoying a more ecologically-friendly holiday:


1. Keep the beach and sea clean

There’s nothing wrong with being one of those people that rolls up to the beach everything but the kitchen sink; just be very careful not to leave anything behind, in particular cigarette butts, cans, bottles and bags, which tend to be the waste most commonly found on beaches. The same goes if you’re heading out to sea; take extra care with plastic bags, as in addition to polluting the sea, they pose a huge danger to sea life.


2. Use environmentally-friendly products

In summer, we use suntan lotion and repellents, in addition to other products, by the bucket load. If possible, try to buy options that are not harmful to the environment. By doing so, you’ll not only take care of your skin, but the environment too!


3. Go on foot or by bike

Make the most of the good weather to get in shape. There’s no need to hit the gym, just walk or cycle to the beach, whenever you can. You’ll get some exercise, dodge the traffic jams that plague many beaches and, most importantly, you won’t release any gases into the atmosphere.


4. Respect protected spaces

When heading to the beach, respect protected zones and resist the temptation to explore the dunes and lagoons. These areas are protected on account of their high ecological value and their future depends on our care.


5. Stay at an ecological hotel

If you want to make your holiday even greener, stay at a hotel renowned for respecting the environment, like Fuerte El Rompido (Huelva), which was selected amongst the top 10 most sustainable Spanish establishments in 2016. There, you’ll learn that there’s so much more that you can do to care for our surroundings, like using renewable energy, reducing energy consumption, committing to organic farming, to name just a few actions,



5 ways to enjoy an eco-holiday - Hotel Fuerte el Rompido



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