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Fuerte El Rompido is one of the hotels taking part in the lunch organised today by the Huelva Provincial Hotels Association to honour the celebrity chef, to coincide with the launch of his book Mise en place

28 March 2017 Fuerte El Rompido is one of the hotels that today will take part in a lunch organised by the Huelva Provincial Hotels Association at the Luis Felipe Winery in La Palma del Condado, to honour the celebrity Catalan chef Ferrán Adriá. This event, forming part of the programme of activities organised to celebrate Huelva’s election as the Spanish Capital of Gastronomy, coincides with the launch of the celebrity chef’s new book “Mise en place” this morning at Casa Colón.





For the occasion, the head chef of Fuerte Group Hotels, Ladislao Félix Comins, selected a unique dish created using products from the Huelva region, whose Japanese cuisine fusion will tickle the taste buds of all the guests. The dish is “Mackerel, Iberian Cuttlefish and Wild Mushroom Dashi”. According to the Andalusian hotel chain’s chef, this speciality “combines fish found in our local El Rompido market, prepared using the traditional ancestral salazon technique from our region, with cuttlefish and an Iberian twist provided by cured ham. We are also including a nod to Japanese cuisine with a dashi made with wild mushrooms from the Huelva hills, accompanied by fresh peppermint smoke from the Sierra de Aracenas. We hope, he concludes “that this plate and those that will be presented by other partner establishments, will give Ferrán Adriá a good idea of the wealth and variety of Huelvas cuisine, which is still a great unknown despite its high quality.



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