Fuerte Hoteles, Recognized For Their Work In Support Of Disabled Integration

A total of six members of the Fuerte Hoteles team were honoured by the Fundacian Tutelar y de Asistencia Personal (Fundatul) or the Foundation of Care and Personal Assistance, for their work in support of the integration of people with disabilities.

Those employees, including Lola Lopez , Marco Atzeni and Paquita Rubiales from Hotel Fuerte Marbella, Francisca Urban and Francisco Pedrosa from Hotel Fuerte Miramar and Maria Carmen Jimenez from Hotel Fuerte Estepona, have received this recognition for their efforts in support of training students in foundation practices at various Fuerte Hoteles resort locations.

The Fundatul Foundation wanted to say how grateful for their work that helped to achieve an environment “where there was a disabled person, there is now a citizen who contributes, informs and generates values”, a goal of the Foundation.

In collaboration with the Fuerte Foundation, Fuerte Hoteles seeks to improve the quality of life and social development for groups at risk of exclusions by creating opportunities for increased interaction for people facing difficulties on a daily basis.

For those unfamiliar with the Foundation of Care and Personal Assistance, its primary mission is the empowerment of people with social needs to order to integrate them socially and improve their quality of life. Thanks to the work of the Foundation, more than 230 people have signed contracts and 60 people have kept their jobs.

The event took place at the Palacio de Congresos de Marbella under the motto “With the efforts of all” and was attended by Remedios Nieto, president of Fundatul, the city’s mayor, Angeles Muñoz, and Isabel Garcia Bardon, president of Grupo El Fuerte, as well as assorted businessmen, politicians and social groups .

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