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Offering a first hand look at the Hotel Fuerte experience, the Rodiles family share their experience with our facilities, spanning years of loyal service.

Several years ago, Martina Rodiles first discovered the Fuerte Hotel while on a short holiday with her husband. Drawn by the beauty, culture and liveliness of the Costa del Sol, Martina sought out an escape from work and stress in her hometown of Malaga. Since then, Martina’s escapes to the region and to the Fuerte Hotel have become a tradition, including trips with both family and friends and even alone.

Notably, Martina reserves an annual long weekend, or “bridge” in November to join with her friends at the Fuerte Hotel. Calling the annual journey her “winter meeting”, the November escape allows Martina to meet up with friends travelling from Madrid and Badajoz for some well-deserved relaxation and comfort courtesy of the Fuerte team.

Each year, they meet in a hotel, varying according to the opening and closing of each and enjoy all the many amenities and opportunities provided by the hotel. Additionally, Martina and her fellow guests are able to easily access the area’s many attractions, including the nearby Selwo Adventure Park. During the last “winter meeting”, Martina and her friends decided to stay in the Fuerte Estepona, allowing them to explore the stunning sights of the Estepona town and natural surroundings.

In his visit to Selwo Adventure Park

In his visit to Selwo Adventure Park

Martina recently told Fuerte Hotels that her annual trips have grown to now include up to seven couples, each bringing their children. This is a group that favours friendship and all the enjoyment that it provides, she remarked, making these winter gatherings all the more important.

She added with a laugh that over the years, even the group’s younger members have grown faithful to the hotel group, spread across the Costa del Sol. Ranging from 12 months to 10 years, they enjoy a fun experience all their own thanks to the games and attractions offered by the hotel group’s Forti Club. Most of the Furte Hotels along the Costa del Sol feature a special Forti Club for children, including games, animals and attractions, with varied themes and amenities at each location.

Children who enjoy more

Children who enjoy more

After staying at hotels in Grazalema, Estepona, Conil-Costa Luz, El Rompido, Martina said that the Fuerte treatment is excellent and reason enough to keep coming back year after year, whatever the occasion. And we were certainly glad to hear that!

For the Fuerte team, we are excited to have such loyal customers and are thankful for each of the visits they have chosen to share with us. Your confidence and enjoyment are a reminder of what we need to do and share to keep you coming back. We hope to see you soon.

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