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Fuerte Hoteles consolidates its position as the most influential andalusian hotel chain on Twitter

The company, which currently owns 5 hotels for leisure tourism and 2 complexes of rental apartments, is in 15th place in Spain, according to the Top50 study of Spanish chains making best use of Twitter, drawn up by journalist Fernando Gallardo

 What’s more, the chain brought 2015 to a close with major increases in the number of people following its Facebook pages

 Marbella, 11 January 2016. One of the aspects that the Fuerte Hoteles chain has placed most emphasis on over the past year is the consolidation of its social networking strategy, something that is now starting to bear fruit, according to the Top50 study of Spanish hotel chains making the best use of Twitter, drawn up by journalist Fernando Gallardo, which for the second year running lists the hotel company as being the most influential in Andalusia on Twitter.

The same report lists the Marbella group, which ended 2015 with 30% more followers on Twitter than in 2014, in 3rd place according to the Klout index of social influence; in the Top10 in terms of the percentage of active followers, with 57%; and in 15th place overall in the Spanish rankings.

Hotel Fuerte Marbella

Hotel Fuerte Marbella

Committing to Facebook:

Throughout 2015, Fuerte Hoteles also introduced significant new features to its Facebook pages, publishing its content in Spanish and English using the “Global Pages” feature provided by this social network and creating a new page for the recommended-for-adults Amàre Marbella Beach Hotel, which previously formed part of the Fuerte Hoteles chain as –Fuerte Miramar-, also in 2 languages. All of these efforts have generated a 29% increase in the number of followers, which by the end of 2015 reached an overall total of 22,775.

Inform and humanise: primary aim of the social networking strategy:

According to José Antonio Romero Villalobos, Ecommerce manager at Fuerte Hoteles, all of Fuerte Hoteles’ activities on different social networking platforms have a dual aim: on the one hand to provide information about the leisure options offered by our hotels and the Andalusian destinations where they are located, and on the other, to give details about emotions and life experiences, aimed at humanising our brand. In this regard, he adds, “it is vital for us to always reply to our guests and followers, as by doing this we can showcase the friendly and family-oriented service for which all our establishments are known. In part, “this has allowed us to achieve such a good Klout social influence index and to keep over half of our followers on Twitter active; this fills us with pride and gives us a motive to continue consolidating our social networking strategy into 2016″.

About Fuerte Hoteles:

The Fuerte Hoteles chain forms part of the El Fuerte Group, an Andalusian family company founded in 1957 by José Luque Manzano. Following the opening of the Fuerte Marbella hotel during this year, which was the first hotel establishment in Marbella and the first leisure hotel in Spain to obtain an ISO 9002 quality certificate, the company continued to expand to achieve its current portfolio, comprising five 4-star leisure hotels and 2 complexes of holiday rental apartments, all of which are located in Andalusia (in Málaga, Cádiz and Huelva). Fuerte Hoteles is renowned for its sustainable development strategy, which seeks to reduce its impact on the natural environment; promote local traditions and customs, particularly at a culinary and socio-cultural level; and implement ethical and transparent management.



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