Fuerte Hoteles donates 17,000 euros to the Pivesport programme in Marbella against social exclusion

The President of El Fuerte Group and the Fuerte Foundation, Isabel Mª García Bardón, today handed over a cheque with a value of €17,000 to the Horizonte Proyecto Hombre Marbella Association for their Pivesport programme that promotes the social integration of underprivileged children through sport.

The funds in question were raised thanks to the charity initiative entitled “EuroResponsable, €1 is worth a lot more”. This programme involves giving Fuerte Hoteles guests the opportunity to add €1 to their bill for the purpose of funding this project, as part of the chain’s corporate social responsibility programme.

Similarly, stands providing information about the PiveSport programme can be found in the reception areas of all of the chain’s hotels. It has been possible to raise more than €17,000 between the beginning of 2014 and the 30th of August this year thanks to the solidarity of guests; Out of all the chain’s hotels, Fuerte Conil – Costa Luz was the establishment that raised the most money.


Los Directores de Fuerte Hoteles junto a Luis Domingo López, de Horizonte, e Isabel García, presidenta de Grupo El Fuerte

Pivesport applies the educational potential of sport to instil ethical values and to promote social harmony among groups at risk of social exclusion. The donation will be used to fund various aspects of the program that require materials for each of the three sporting activities that it currently offers (volleyball, basketball and football). It will also be used to acquire equipment for participants, as well as to cover transport costs for coaches and teenagers when they travel to take part in competitions.

Luis Domingo López, coordinator of the Pivesport program and vice-president of the Horizonte Proyecto Hombre Marbella Association, states that “this assistance represents a real boost to the programme and, as a result, it will be possible to start promoting outside the area of our two socio-educational insertion centres (La Patera and El Ángel), as financial limitations have been overcome by the generous support of Fuerte Hoteles guests and the dedicated promotion activities of their managers”.

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