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Select between 3 of the biggest names in cosmetics and blast a little new life into your skin before autumn sets in

 13 July 2017. Although summer is undoubtedly one of the best times of the year, and the sun and sea afford great benefits, excess exposure can end up wearing out your skin, leaving it dehydrated and malnourished. If this sounds all too familiar and you want to recover from the ravages of your summer holiday, trust the best professionals at Fuerte Hotels’ spas and harness your body’s inner light.


Cádiz: Spa Fuerte Conil – Costa Luz with Natura Bissé

Spa trilogy - Spa Fuerte Conil

Located opposite the spectacular Playa de la Fontanilla, experience the “Citrus Vita-Essence” treatment offered by Natura Bissé at this welcoming spa; in short, this treatment mobilises the antioxidant capabilities of vitamin C. Furthermore, it features a rich combination of nutrients that promotes the creation of collagen, reduces swelling caused by sunlight and intensely moisturises your skin.

What does it do? Revitalises, stimulates and rejuvenates your skin.

Length: 60 minutes/ Price: €65


Málaga: Spa Fuerte Estepona By Thalgo

Spa trilogy - Spa Fuerte Estepona

Located on the seafront, you can restore your skin’s vitality at this spa, bathed in light, thanks to the “Cold Cream Marine” treatment by Thalgo; this wholesome experience of instant comfort repairs damaged skin, soothes tension and calms skin that has suffered extreme exposure to the sun. It renourishes your skin and leaves you with a nicer, more long-lasting tan.

What does it do? Nourishes and repairs your skin. This treatment is particularly recommended for dry, sensitive skin as it restores flexibility and the sense of well-being and natural comfort.

Length: 55 minutes/ Price: €65


Huelva: Spa El Rompido By Skeyndor

Spa trilogy - Spa Fuerte El Rompido

In a setting of great ecological value, this beautiful spa offers the “Anti-fatigue experience” by Skeyndor, a purifying treatment that seeks to eliminate toxins and that stands out on account of its great remineralising properties, contributing trace elements, vitamins and essential minerals to activate cellular metabolism and strengthen skin tissue. What’s more, it is enriched with hematite and iron rose, which has a great healing and regenerative capacity that activates micro-circulation.

What does it do? Your skin is left feeling hydrated, nourished, smooth and relaxed thanks to its intense nutritional impact and its long-lasting calming effect.

Length: 60 minutes/ Price: €70



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