Océanos sostenibles

Fuerte Group Hotels is the first global hotel company to sign the 9 Sustainable Ocean principles

By signing this document, the Andalucian company, which is considered one of the most sustainable chains in Spain, looks to demonstrate its commitment to this initiative which has been proposed by the Global Compact and which aims to improve the health and sustainability of the oceans.

On 13 March 2020. At the request of the Spanish Global Compact Network which Fuerte Group Hotels has been a member of since 2016, the Andalucian company has become the first hotel chain in the world to sign the “9 Sustainable Ocean Principles”, which have been drawn up in collaboration with the UN Global Compact, and which aim to ensure the health and sustainability of the oceans and therefore meet the challenges which were set out in the Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda. This family-owned business, which was founded in Marbella 63 years ago, has always been very conscious of the importance of protecting the natural environments where its establishments are located, and given that nearly all of its hotels are located on the seafront it places particular importance on the sea. That is why the name of the brand that it has created for its adult-only establishments, Amàre, comes from the amalgamation of the two Spanish words, “amor” and “mar”, which mean love and sea, (love of the sea).


9 sustainable ocean principles

The following measures proposed by the Spanish Global Compact Network in collaboration with the UN Global Compact to restore the health of the ocean and help it to recover from the damage which has been caused by increasing temperatures, the acidification of water, the depletion of the natural resources that ocean dwelling animals feed on, and by pollution in general:


1 – Ocean health and productivity

    Principle 1: Assess the short- and long-term impact of their activities on ocean health and incorporate such impacts into their strategy and policies.

    Principle 2: Consider sustainable business opportunities that promote or contribute to restoring, protecting or maintaining ocean health and productivity and livelihoods dependent on the ocean.

    Principle 3: Take action to prevent pollution affecting the ocean, reduce greenhouse gas emissions in their operations to prevent ocean warming and acidification, and work towards a circular economy.

    Principle 4: Plan and manage their use of and impact on marine resources and space in a manner that ensures long-term sustainability and take precautionary measures where their activities may impact vulnerable marine and coastal areas and the communities that are dependent upon them.


2 – Government and engagement

    Principle 5: Engage responsibly with relevant regulatory or enforcement bodies on ocean-related laws, regulations and other frameworks.

    Principle 6: Follow and support the development of standards and best practices that are recognized in the relevant sector or market contributing to a healthy and productive ocean and secure livelihoods.

    Principle 7: Respect human-, labour- and indigenous peoples’ rights in the company’s ocean-related activities, including exercise appropriate due diligence in their supply-chain, consult and engage with relevant stakeholders and communities in a timely, transparent and inclusive manner, and address identified impacts.


3 – Data and transparency

    Principle 8: Where appropriate, share relevant scientific data to support research on and mapping of relevance to the ocean.

    Principle 9: Be transparent about their ocean-related activities, impacts and dependencies in line with relevant reporting frameworks.


Clean Seas Campaign

Océanos sostenibles

Fuerte Group Hotels has decided to sign these principles as part of the recently-launched “Clean Seas” campaign, aiming to strengthen the company’s sustainable development policies while also continuing to work to meet its Sustainable Development Goals. These initiatives include the collaboration agreement entered into with the Aula del Mar de Málaga (the Classroom of the Sea), a scientific research entity which has become a leader in the area thanks to its commitment to education, its participation in the conservation of natural resources and the improvement of natural ecosystems. Another agreement has been made with IbizaPreservation for the planning and implementation of the preparatory activities for the Marine Forum of Ibiza and Formentera, a debate forum which will bring together top national and international experts in ecology, sustainability and seabeds. The company has also launched a short to medium term plan which looks to eliminate the use of plastic in all of the hotels in the Fuerte Group. Finally, the company is participating in organising awareness raising activities such as the Sustainability Conference that the Fundación Fuerte (the Fuerte Foundation) will organize in the Fuerte Marbella Hotel which aims to educate Andalucian society about the importance of reducing plastic consumption and recycling and which looks to reflect on the impact that contamination is having, both on our health and on the health of our planet, in order to try and see what solutions we can all come up with together.




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