This Christmas, Give Smiles: Three Reasons To Keep Smiling This Holiday Season

Like every year, Fuerte Hoteles wishes a very happy holidays to all of our guests, employees, suppliers and friends in a very special way. For that reason, in addition to wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, we hoped that 2014 will be a year full of smiles and good times.

We know our most important job is to make our guests happy and make sure they leave our hotels with a smile on their face and immediate desire to return. So, at Fuerte Hoteles, we celebrate this Christmas by doing what we do best – giving you three reasons to keep smiling.

To start out this season’s celebration, we begin with our team of workers who strive each year to give the best of themselves to make sure you feel at home at Fuerte Hoteles. To show their appreciation, they have put together this video, sharing happiness and contagious smiles. We are certain this card will having you laughing out loud:

1. Smiling Helps You Forget The Problems And Stress Of Work

Never stop smiling, not even when you face problems, are sad, tired or stressed. Just the act of smiling makes things better, helping to forget your stress after a few seconds. It has been shown that smiling sends a message to your brain that you’re happy, encouraging the creation of endorphins that produce feelings of happiness. And if that’s not enough, you can always sing, because singing will help dash away your woes!

Check out how our team member Chani, of the Fuerte Conil-Costa Luz, handles the situation:

2. Find A Smile By Remembering An Amusing Anecdote

Who doesn’t have a memory of a time when you could not stop laughing? Or an embarrassing situation when you hoped the earth would open up and swallow you? Maybe memories of your childhood that you look back on and laugh. Remembering those good times always helps you to be happier as well as not forgetting your inner child. Find a way to do that and it can even help you be more attractive, rejuvenating your look by bringing out your best. Why do you think you’re always asked to smile in photographs?

Just listen to how our team member Mila, who works reception at the Fuerte Conil-Costa Luz, found a way to make this work here!

3. Laughter Is Contagious And Makes You Happy To Share

When you smile, the world smiles with you. Laughter is contagious, making you feel good as well as those around you. There are even studies that argue that seeing someone smile activates the muscles in your face to imitate what you’re seeing as a reflex. Isn’t that wonderful? Furthermore, it feels good to smile, even when you can’t see it. That “invisible smile” is what can be expected when dealing with our colleagues at the Department of Central Booking Services at Fuerte Hoteles, who you find on the other side of the line when calling to make reservations and requests. Take a look at their faces on this video and it will surely have an effect on you.


At Fuerte Hoteles, we want to see you smile.

This Christmas, give away some smiles.

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