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    Dog friendly beaches in Malaga. Share your holiday with your pet

    Playas para perros en Málaga

    When we refer to the family, today not only do we mean our parents or our children, but our pets also occupy a very important place. Our furry friends have now become an indispensable part of our lives so it is extremely important to enjoy all experiences with them. And what feels better than going together to a dog friendly beach to share a lovely day. The Malagan coast offers you the chance to chill out with your pet and to continue playing under the sun and on the sand. This year there are eight dog beaches in Malaga which we will tell you all about.

    We should remember that as of today, only two of them (arroyo de Totalán and a strip of the coastline of Torre del Mar have this authorisation) have authorisation from the Andalusia Regional Government.


    Pioneering coastline

    The Malagan beaches adapted for animals are increasingly famous and this is why other provinces propose adapting part of their coasts for pets.


    Fuengirola Dog Beach

    Located on Castillo Beach, we find Fuengirola Dog Beach, which is dominated by Sohail Castle. Some of the rules that must be followed to visit this beach are:

    Google Maps


    Arroyo de Totalán Dog Beach

    This beach is located between Málaga and Rincón de la Victoria.

    This beach is a rather rocky cove, so we recommend using swim socks. Its waters, according to institutional criteria, are not suitable for human bathing, although we would say that its waters are cleaner than the average rating.

    The rules on this beach are:

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    Piedra Paloma Dog Beach in Casares

    Es una preciosa playa de más de 2 km de extensión. La zona delimitada para mascotas abarca  medio kilómetro, pero está lindada con zonas de vegetación que ofrece tranquilidad.

    This is a beautiful beach over 1.2 miles long. The zone delimited for pets covers 0.3 miles, but it is bordered with areas of vegetation that offer peace and quiet.

    We should respect a series of rules:

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    Vélez-Málaga Dog Beach

    The other only dog cove in Malaga province authorised by the Autonomous Community is Torre del Mar (so here humans are expressly prohibited from bathing). Near the mouth of the River Vélez, it is 1.2 miles long, and also has an off-leash area. Also, along the coast, we can enjoy fountains especially designed for our dogs.

    Google Maps


    Dog beaches in Marbella

    In the city of Marbella we can enjoy two amazing dog beaches: Pinillo is one and Ventura del Mar Nueva Andalusia.

    Pinillo Beach is quiet and full of vegetation so it is perfect for spending time with our pet. Furthermore, it is perfect for a family day out.

    As for Ventura del Mar Dog Beach in Nueva Andalusia, this is a cove approximately 100 feet long where we can find all kinds of amenities. Here, as at other dog friendly beaches, we should respect the rules which are entirely based on common sense

    Google Maps


    Torrox Dog Beach

    In Torrox, the dog beach is located between the lighthouse and the mouth of the river. The space is defined naturally and easy to access. It is a pebble beach, making in very quiet as a general rule. As at other beaches of this kind, bathing is not recommended for humans.

    Google Maps


    Benalcán Dog Beach on Arroyo Hondo Beach, Benalmádena

    The last beach we are going to talk about is in Benalmádena. It is located on Arroyo Hondo Beach and is approximately 1,300 ft long and 65 ft wide. This beach has gentle waves so it is ideal for enjoying a dip.

    Google Maps



    Dog parks

    In Malaga Province, not only will you find beaches for our pets, but also parks. Below we tell you which ones you have available:


    Malaga city








    Parque Nagüeles. It has a huge recreational area, a separate space for small dogs and a specific area for entertainment.  – Google Maps



    Olée Holiday Rentals

    To share your holiday with your dog, be sure to stay at the Olée Holiday Rentals Apartments between Torrox and Nerja, traditional Andalusian villages with the best climate in the whole of Europe. So make no mistake, next year pack your dog’s bags too because no member of the family should stay behind!

    It is necessary to follow some basic rules to maintain order, so they will not be able to be left alone in the room or in the hotel’s communal areas.

    So now you know, if what you want are some complete family holidays where you enjoy your animals, be sure to come to the Costa del Sol where a wide range of possibilities opens up. What could be better than spending your holiday on the beach with your pet and being able to take it to the park or to your hotel. Experience the Malagan coastline to the max and bring back the best memory of your holiday.

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