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    Discover the route of the most authentic Delicatessen in Málaga: Andalucian traditional products


    Delicatessen shops are those grocery stores that remain almost untouched in time, and which trace their origins to colonial times when the goods were coming from America. Department stores have failed to overshadow these little corner shops that offer, in addition to its products, friendly and almost familiar assistance to their customers. Shopkeepers are usually very helpful and advise you at all times.

    Málaga city has several examples of these shops that have become an attraction themselves. Local and authentic, Málaga shops show with pride the products of the land. Do not miss the route we suggest for you to discover these local shops.


    1. Zoilo Corner shop

    Ultramarinos Zoilo

    A friendly atmosphere and the vocation for quality trade are the two premises that describe this famous shop, located in the heart of the capital. More than 60 years serving the locals has earned the trust of this place where you will also find all kinds of food. Being a family business where the owners themselves assist the public, there is nothing better than chatting with the shop owner to know the idiosyncrasies of this city through everyday life and the passage of time.

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    2. La Princesa

    Ultramarinos La Princesa

    Just opposite Zoilo corner shop we find La Princesa. Although it may not purely be a corner shop but rather a confectionery, it is true that its sweets make all the people from the province crazy. Its meringues are delicious. You can not lose the opportunity of tasting this delicious food in another charismatic Delicatessen shop from Málaga.

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    3. La Manzana de Oro

    Ultramarinos La Manzana de Oro

    Another characteristic of these corner shops in Málaga is the thoroughness in which the products are placed on the stands, and which makes you want to put them all in your basket. This is the case of La Manzana Dorada corner shop, it shows perfectly aligned wine bottles from all over the province. Do not hesitate to ask for advice, the shopkeepers will be happy to do so with the best of their smiles.

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    4. La Tienda de los Jamones

    Ultramarinos La tienda de los Jamones

    La Tienda de los Jamones, shop Finos Hermanos Jiménez, has over fourty years experience serving the people from Málaga. As its name suggests, the flagship product is the typical Iberian pig pork leg. Don’t miss going to this shop, it will be difficult not to succumb to its products incredible smell. Cheese and wine are the best companions for a good quality piece of ham and so here you will find high-quality cheeses, among which we have: pure sheep, cured, semi-cured, artisans or old; pure goat or fresh goat.

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    5. El Almacén del Indiano

    Ultramarinos El Almacén del Indiano

    This grocery store always retains the same flavour and it is a good choice to visit if you want to know the idiosyncrasies of these type of establishments. Their shelves boast about having the best lentils in Spain, natural and ecological. Jams, preserves, meat, fruit, compote and syrups are some of the products you can find in this unique corner shop in Malaga.

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     6. La Mallorquina

    Ultramarinos La Mallorquina

    Another of the most well-known corner shops in Málaga is certainly, La Mallorquina. Here you will find tinned food from the Cantabrian Sea such as tuna or anchovies as well as products from Málaga such as Aloreña olives or almond cakes from Ardales. If you add this to the wines and hams on offer, the reason to visit this establishment is more than justified. Are you going to miss it?

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    7. Bandera

    Ultramarinos Bandera

    On Santa Maria street, just a few meters away from the cathedral, we find Bandera corner shop, a food specialist since 1952. The scales shown in the window and its mature air that preserves a sixty-year old atmosphere are the reasons why many tourists decide to photograph themselves in front of its doors. Malaga wine, raisins and figs are the flagship products of this shop you cannot miss.

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    8. Juan de Dios Barba

    Ultramarinos Juan de Dios Barba

    Many of the delicatessen  shops in Málaga are authentic witnesses to the history of the city. This is the example of corner shop Juan Dios Barba, where a bomb during the Civil War (1936) shattered the establishment leaving only the picture of a virgin who currently leads the premises. Here you can find all kinds of food but especially history, a great deal of the history of Malaga.

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    9. La Esquinita del Chupa y Tira

    Ultramario La esquinita del chupa y tira

    This unique spot, located in the traditional neighbourhood of Victoria in Málaga is also a grocery store, a nice corner to have a tasty tapa. Typical cheese from Málaga, sausages and olives are just some of the products you can find in this establishment.

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    10. Nuria Rico

    Ultramarinos Nuria Rico

    Nuria Rico corner shop can be found in Ciudad Jardín Market, a place that still preserves the typical appearance and idiosyncrasy of Spain, with its wide variety of local products. The cheese and ham are the first thing that will get your eye but don’t stop there. If you visit this place, investigate all its corners and you will find, among other things, a fantastic world of spices to flavour any dish.

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