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    Andalucia’s best rooftops bars

    Rooftop bars Andalucia

    There are many things that attract thousands of tourists from Spain and around the world to Andalucia. Our land is famous worldwide for its gastronomy, its beaches, the culture, its natural spaces, the architecture, the wonderful atmosphere, the history, its people… Andalucia in an attraction for all these reasons and for another fundamental one: the good weather. The Mediterranean climate provides the ideal conditions to enjoy even more everything that this land offers, inviting us to stroll through its streets and enjoy a drink on a terrace or in a so-called rooftops bar. This tendency to have a cocktail, a coffee or dinner has become a lure for visitors and locals who enjoy having a drink with the best views of the city.

    There are many Andalucian cities that have embraced this new way of enjoying a drink, but Málaga is the city par excellence to enjoy the rooftops bars. This new experience of enjoying a drink with spectacular views of the city before sunset is quite a treat, so much so that Seville has also joined in. Can you see yourself having dinner at a rooftop bar in Seville while looking at the Cathedral?

    Cádiz and Granada have also sought to make the most of their cities’ charm, in order to offer the best meals with the best views on their rooftop bars. For that reason and so that you do not miss out on the spectacular views of our land, here is a selection of Andalucia’s best rooftops bars.


    Málaga Rooftop Bars


    Belvue Rooftop Bar, Marbella

    In Amàre Beach Hotel Marbella it is difficult to distinguish where the hotel ends and where the sea begins, its privileged location on the beachfront and near the center of Marbella places it as a new reference point to enjoy a spectacular view both towards the sea and towards the mountain.

    In the Belvue Rooftop Bar, Costa del Sol and the Mediterranean Sea extend before your eyes from the very top, with simply wonderful views over the Marbella horizon. This terrace offers an extensive menu of cocktails and drinks with which to accompany one of the most breathtaking sunsets of the entire coast. Besides this experience is often accompanied with the sound of the Spanish guitar live, a pleasant chillout atmosphere that invites you to enjoy Marbella from another point of view.

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    Edge by Paco Pérez Marbella

    Renowned chef Paco Pérez (4 Michelin stars) presents a culinary journey at the innovative “Edge” venue, highlighting the true Mediterranean spirit intertwined with local ingredients. Overlooking the Mediterranean, Edge offers a cuisine that celebrates both land and sea in a welcoming ambiance. The concept embraces ‘casual fine dining,’ emphasizing product excellence, comfort, and quality in three simple terms.

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    La Terraza de Valeria, Málaga

    This is one of the rooftop bars par excellence in the Malagan capital and  no wonder. The views of the city of Málaga from this rooftop are impressive and all you need to do is go up the stairs. Having a cocktail or a coffee, or grazing on some food on a fabulous terrace is a real compulsory experience in this city.

    What’s more, when the good weather arrives, this rooftop opens its pool so you can cool down while you enjoy one of its famous cocktails with music in the background. And to top off your experience, you can reserve a Balinese bed. Is there really a better plan than this one?

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    Hotel Soho Boutique Bahía Málaga

    Right in the centre of Málaga, we find this hotel that has one of the city’s best rooftops. It is a modern style terrace that with its decor offers us many comforts so that we can enjoy the spectacular view we have from this rooftop. A delicious cocktail and a light meal combine perfectly with the peace and quiet, panoramic view and comfort of the place. If you would rather enjoy this experience in a more intimate and personal setting, Hotel Soho Boutique Bahía Málaga offers you the chance to make private bookings. This impressive rooftop’s service, quality and, of course, view will make your stay so memorable.

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    Mariposa Hotel Roof Terrace, Málaga

    Making you feel at home is the main aim of this rooftop in Málaga. Relaxing while you enjoy a drink or a cocktail after a hard day’s work in an idyllic setting and with a panoramic view of the capital’s historic centre is all you need. In the purest boho style, this terrace offers you a pleasant experience that will make you completely forget everything and enjoy yourself while you relax. Mariposa Hotel Roof Terrace provides you with all the quality of its amenities so that you can enjoy a unique experience.

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    Alcazaba Premium Hostel, Malaga

    Another of the terraces that is worth visiting is the new Alcazaba Premium Hostel in the center of Malaga. Before long this rooftop bar has become one of the hot spots of the city. Its position is such that it seems you can almost reach out to touch the Citadel, the Muslim fortress of the City. It has a chillout atmosphere design and a good menu that gives a twist to the typical dishes of Malagan cuisine.

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    Rooftop Bar Malaga AC, Malaga

    The rooftop bar of the Hotel Malaga AC is one of the classics of downtown Malaga, for being the first in the City and has views of 360º over the capital of Costa del Sol. If you sit on this roof, you will no longer be clear if you are on the top of a building or embarking on the cruise, as you lose track of space with an incredible panoramic to the sea. Below, the city bows to our feet, the Cathedral ‘La Manquita’, the Gibralfaro castle, the Citadel… there is no corner of Malaga that cannot be seen in a bird’s eye view from this unique terrace which has attracted thousands of tourists and visitors from around the world.

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    Molina Lario

    Not far from Malaga AC, is the Molina Lario, another of the hotels that has wanted to join the fashion of experiencing the city from the top. This is demonstrated by its rooftop bar that offers a wonderful view of the Cathedral and the Port of Malaga. It is a good meeting point for visitors and locals who gather on this terrace to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and design, where the ‘afterworks’ increasingly outweigh.

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    Mate Larios Room

    Without confusing ourselves with the previous one, the Mate Room is located in the most famous shopping street of Malaga, Larios Street. Mojitos, Caipiriñas, Bloody Marys, and Cosmopolitans are the day to day of this rooftop bar looking into the heart of Malaga, Plaza de la Constitución and face to face have wonderful views towards the Cathedral and the Citadel. Like the rest of the terraces, they are not always open, so it’s best to call ahead and make sure.

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    Chinitas Lounge

    Málaga never fails to surprise me and Chinitas Lounge is a small, little-known inn on one of Málaga’s most traditional streets: Pasaje de Chinitas. If you go up to the top floor in the small lift, you’ll be amazed: two stylishly decorated rooftops with spectacular views of the cathedral. Chill out music, wine, cocktails and a light menu in a very calm, relaxing ambience. Romantic and little known.

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    Terraza Áurea

    You need to cross the River Guadalmedina to get to Terraza Áurea, a large building much loved by locals, that in days gone by used to be occupied by large warehouses. Its rooftop, called Áurea, is amazing, spacious and has some truly striking views of the city. There are a lot of foreigners and the live music at night makes it a great place to be nearer the stars with Málaga at your feet.

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    Parador de Gibralfaro

    If we’re choosing rooftops with views of Málaga, we mustn’t forget Parador de Gibralfaro, a privileged location where the entire city and immensity of the bay can be observed. The Arabs chose this vantage point to monitor the city and everything that approached it by sea, and today it is one of Málaga’s most renowned hotels. The most difficult thing about it is getting there, since it is on Mount Gibralfaro, but it has some wonderful views of the city that we recommend you enjoy at dusk. Not to be missed!

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    La Terraza de San Juan

    We are certain that La Terraza de San Juan will become one of your favourites, since it has some amazing views of the San Juan Church Tower, the Cathedral and the Montes de Málaga, which are the most traditional Malagan enclaves. This rooftop bar has a more relaxed vibe that you can enjoy in good company. It has to be said, too, that this is where you will find the best bartenders who, if you want them to, will prepare the best cocktails with some amazing acrobatic movements. A true luxury!

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    Seville Rooftop Bars


    Eme Terrace, Seville

    Seville, capital of Andalucia, is always worth a visit. The Golden Tower, Spain Square, María Luisa Park, the Royal Citadels and of course, the emblem of the City: the Giralda. If we want to have the best views of this historic tower there is no better place than the rooftop bar Eme Terrace.

    It has several floors in which to enjoy the fashionable drink, gin and tonic, and an exclusive atmosphere. It is highly recommended to make a visit at night, when the sun no longer presses and the lights of the cathedral bestow on this monument a truly special magic.

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    Pura Vida Terraza

    Pura Vida Terraza is located in the heart of the city and is one of the best rooftop bars in Seville. It is open to the public seven days a week and if you decide to visit, you will be able to enjoy an amazing lunch, a delicious dinner and some drinks while you marvel at the spectacular views of Seville Cathedral.

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    Gourmet Experience at El Corte Inglés

    The Plaza del Duque Corte Inglés is another rooftop option in Seville, where you can enjoy food as well as cathedral views. Gourmet Experience has already become a proper classic, with an extraordinary offer, where different leading restaurant brands can be found in an extraordinary space located on its rooftop. An ideal place for enjoying appetizers, lunch, snacks and dinner and, of course, a glass of wine while you attend cooking show sessions or musical concerts. It is open Monday to Thursday from 10.00 a.m. to 12.00 a.m., Friday and Saturday from 10.00 a.m. to 2.00 a.m., Sunday and public holidays (shop closed) from 12.00 p.m. to 12.00 a.m., Sunday and public holidays (shop open) to 12.00 a.m. and the night before public holidays to 2.00 a.m.

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    Roof Casa Romana

    Casa Romana is a special place that has successfully captured the essence of Roman civilisation. It is a unique 18th century building with recognisable features in the old quarter. It also has the ROOF Restaurant way up high, a peculiar establishment on a three-level rooftop, where you can gaze at a wonderful picture postcard view of the city. The lower zone has tables where you can eat tapas and drink cocktails or wine to the beat of the music. The “beach chiringuito kitchen” is in full view, with a bar where you can sit down and have dinner and a chat. The upper part is where the restaurant is, on two levels with unbeatable views.

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    Granada Rooftop Bars


    Hotel Alhambra Palace, Granada

    This rooftop is a gift. Can you see yourself enjoying a coffee, a tea or a good meal with views of the Alhambra? The Nazrid city has spectacular architecture which, when seen from on high, ia quite a treat for the eyes. The Hotel Alhambra Palace has been able to take the charm and the magic of this beautiful city and combine it with a gastronomic experience, so that you enjoy this city’s majesty. The spectacular views seen from this terrace of the Alhambra, the buildings and the Sierra Nevada itself are a compulsory stop for locals and for all visitors to this impressive city. Without a doubt, the most impressive rooftop that will make your experience here a real treat.

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    The Orchard of Juan Ranas, Granada

    There are many who say the sunset from the viewpoint of St. Nicholas towards the Alhambra in Granada is one of the most beautiful in the world. This was stated by former US President Bill Clinton. The truth is that it is easy to check from one of the most traditional restaurants in the area, The Orchard of Juan Ranas, located in the Albaicin district.

    The rooftop bar offers a typically Andalucian atmosphere, traditional cuisine and local wines, not to mention the cocktails that have already become a classic to end the day and welcome the night of Granada charm.

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    Estrellas de San Nicolás

    Estrellas de San Nicolás is located at the San Nicólás vantage point in Albaicín, in what was the house of the singer Enrique Morente and his daughter Estrella. This local bar combines modern decor with the warmth of its beautiful wooden ceilings. Its kitchen, headed by French Chef Christophe Joly and his wife Murielle, is based on Andalucian gastronomy with a French influence, making its repertoire an exquisite adventure and bold proposal.

    This restaurant is the ideal place for celebrations with family or friends. Moreover, the views of the Alhambra from the viewpoint make a perfect accompaniment to a romantic meal.

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    Eurostars Gran Vía

    Eurostars Gran Vía offers some amazing views that showcase three Andalucian jewels: the Alhambra, the Cathedral and the Sierra. A unique open air space that also has an elegantly decorated indoor space with a large window for the cold winter nights.

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    Monasterio Chill Out

    Monasterio Chill Out is a terrace that you can enjoy year round. With three different spaces and a very urban decor style that makes abundant use of recycled pallets, it is a high luxe place to enjoy a delicious crepe while you await cocktail hour, since you can enjoy this rooftop bar from 3.00 p.m. to 3.00 a.m.

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    Cadiz Rooftop Bars


    La Catedral, Cadiz

    The obvious is sometimes the best option and in this rooftop bar we have a clear example. The terrace The Cathedral in Cadiz, offers virtually “to touch” this monument so characteristic of “la Tacita de Plata”, as this City is popularly known. With a modern and fresh style, it is a good place from which to explore the historic town and enjoy the local cuisine of the place, it has a menu from Monday to Friday at lunchtime.

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    La Breña

    La Breña is located inside the hotel of the same name in Los Caños de Meca. At the entrance to the La Breña Natural Park from the cliffs zone. From its rooftop you can gaze at the sea and African coast.

    Its menu is based on local fish and vegetables, meat selected from different geographical areas of Spain, but its speciality is Almadraba tuna. The wine list comprises some 30 different Spanish Denomination of Origin wines.

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    Hotel Parador de Arcos, Cádiz

    This impressive Hotel de Arcos de la Frontera in Cádiz has one of the city’s best rooftops. The amazing views of Cádiz Bay that we see while we enjoy the amenities offered by this rooftop bar guarantee an unrivalled experience. It is possible to enjoy a place’s good gastronomy in a cosy ambience with some amazing views that invite us to loosen up and forget about our obligations for a day. This terrace has some of the best service, coffee and desserts, ensuring an absolutely delightful experience. This historic place is already quite a point of reference for Cádiz’s rooftops.

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    Hotel La Casa del Califa, Vejer, Cádiz

    This rooftop is in one of Cádiz’s most charming towns. The views we can enjoy from this terrace are impressive and do the beauty of this Medieval Cádiz town justice. Hotel La Casa del Calif has a rooftop worthy of the place, with a charming decor that conveys an authentic Vejer atmosphere and allows customers to enjoy their stay while having something to eat or drink on this amazing terrace. What’s more, the excellent customer service along with the panoramic view from the terrace will make you feel at home.

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    Hotel Playa de la Luz, Rota, Cádiz

    Taking care of the smallest detail and the customer are two of the values of this terrace in Rota, Cádiz. This rooftop is also located in an enclave which makes it even more special. With its sea views, Hotel Playa de la Luz invites us to relax while we enjoy a cocktail and listen to background music, creating a cosy and majestic ambience. Having a drink while the sea breeze envelopes us, along with the live performances, is quite a luxury to enjoy on this rooftop in Rota.

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